Automate your laboratory workflow and save time with our complete line of pathology instruments. We offer a range of high-quality equipment, from embedding stations to microtomes, slide and cassette printers, cryotomes and more.

Pathology instrument product categories

Boost speed and accuracy in your lab by automating workflow with our ClearVue™ Coverslipper.

Slide baskets, hangers, mountants, coverslip tape, coverslip hoppers and more.

Our cryostats help you achieve optimal sectioning quality and reduced turnaround time

Specimen chucks, brushes, nozzles, freezing spray, specimen stages, embedding resin and more

The CytoSpin™ 4 Cytocentrifuge provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix

Embed routine tissue samples comfortably and efficiently with the HistoStar™ Embedding Workstation

Embedding blocks, embedding rings, heated forceps, tissue cassettes and more

From manual to automatic to sliding microtomes, designed for precision and stability

Blade carriers, knife holders, specimen clamps, vises, trays, cooling devices and more    

Our slide stainers help you to achieve consistency and streamline your workflow

Reduce errors and streamline your workflow with our slide and cassette printers

Collection trays, hot foil tape, cassettes, marking pens, software, digital imagers and more 

Achieve outstanding efficiency and reagent savings with our Tissue Processor range.


Section staining kits, storage bottles, cassette baskets, wax dispensers and more