Slide Basket Transfer Combination System

Synergy: A Combination that’s Better Together. Combining two powerhouse instruments, Gemini AS and ClearVue, with the Slide Basket Transfer System to offer a better solution for your staining and coverslipping workflow.

The Slide Basket Transfer System combines the Gemini AS and ClearVue Coverslipper.

Eliminate the need to manually transfer slide baskets from the Gemini AS slide stainer to the ClearVue coverslipper by connecting them with the Slide Basket Transfer System. The combined system brings together two powerhouse instruments via the new Slide Basket Transfer system. Simply place your basket of slides in the Gemini AS, select a protocol, and press start. The system will precisely stain your slides, apply the appropriate coverslip for each specimen type, and alert when the basket is ready to be retrieved.

Gemini AS

Gemini AS Automatic Slide Stainer

  • Improve throughput with 26 reagent stations – enough to run several protocols at once.
  • Intelligent software automatically optimizes reagent layouts and allows for multiple racks to be run for maximum output.
  • LED lighting and easy-to-access reagent statins provide clear, accessible view of the staining area.
  • Five optional on-board heaters cater to slide drying in high-volume situations.
  • USB connectivity allows protocols, reagent layouts, and event logs to be saved for future use, saving time later.

ClearVue Coverslipper

  • Visual indicators provide automatic coverslip designation for different tissue types.
  • Easy-to-use software supports correct specimen placement and mountant volume, allowing for both histology and cytology samples to be run simultaneously without user interaction.
  • Run up to eleven baskets at a time transferred from the SBTS.
  • Protect your laboratory staff with charcoal filters that remove harmful vapors.


Slide Basket Transfer System-270x195b

Slide Basket Transfer System

  • Free up your team’s time with automatic transfer of slide baskets from the Gemini AS slide stainer to the ClearVue coverslipper.
  • Simply place the slides in the Gemini AS slide stainer and carry-on with other tasks. Be alerted when the slides have finished coverslipping in the ClearVue coverslipper.  
  • With a small footprint, the combined instruments and Slide Basket Transfer System seamlessly fit into virtually any laboratory’s workflow.
  • By eliminating transfer between the Gemini AS slide stainer and the ClearVue coverslipper, reduce your team’s exposure to harmful fumes.
  • Compatible with Gemini AS slide stainers and ClearVue coverslippers made after February 2018.