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Biospecimens transform life science research

Sample integrity is essential to the success of every biobanking project.  So is the ability to easily share information designed to accelerate lifesaving discoveries.  Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the most diverse, cutting-edge portfolio of biobanking products and services designed to help you do both.  Our biobanking sample collection, preparation and automation equipment, cost storage solutions, wireless monitoring, tubes, vials, containers, reagents and biobanking services give you the power to secure and preserve your samples, track you inventory, streamline productivity, and meet your toughest laboratory challenges.  At the same time, our informatics solutions enable you to share insights and information critical to the advancing science and for discovering the next big idea.

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Biobanking categories

Helping ensure sample quality with solutions you need to collect and protect your valuable specimens.

A critical biobanking stage, preparation ensures that target sample components are ready for storage in an optimal format for downstream use

Effective sample analysis and data management at every step, helping you to advance the science of life saving discoveries.

Our comprehensive, sample storage solutions are designed to protect your samples, track your inventory and provide peace of mind.

Maintaining integrity of your biospecimens at every point of transfer from collection to shipping and distribution is imperative to obtaining quality sample and associated data.

Our cloud-based solution helps ensure labs have peace of mind with end-to-end, auditable sample management and tracking.