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Hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies and academic researchers rely on biobanks and biorepositories for the most critical piece of the puzzle – biological samples and their associated data.  Biobanks play an important role in enabling researchers to develop therapies for chronic diseases. Research institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have turned to biobanks as a key tool in the research of new treatments and the identification of disease biomarkers from the large cohorts of patients through the collection, storage, inventory, characterization and distribution of valuable samples.

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Whether you’re managing the inventory of a freezer or an entire biorepository, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a solution to your biobank needs. Discover our virtual biobank, and see how we can help you with sample collection, preparation, storage, analysis and transport.


Exosomes, microvesicles, retrovirus-like particles and apoptotic bodies are extracellular vesicles that all cells secrete into extracellular space—and they could be a valuable fraction to biobank.

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This Smart Note explores how Matrix 2D barcodes can be successfully read following exposure to 100% DMSO solution with and without abrasion that may be introduced during routine laboratory use and handling. 

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