Do you see a cryogenic storage tube?
Or a cure?

Vision. It's what brings you to work each day. And it's what brings out the best in us.

Our scientists are dedicated to providing the equipment to help you realize your vision. Because, like you, we see things differently, and most importantly, we see your potential.


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Sharing perspectives on biobanking

Stay up to date on industry trends and see how biobanking is empowering sustainable, ethical, quality research.

cold storage


Reliable, proven and cost effective manual cold storage

If elevating sample quality is the goal, is automation the only way?

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cold storage


Greater sustainability in sample collection

The human impact on climate change has become more visible.

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cold storage


Protecting the added value of stored samples

The true value of a sample may only be quantifiable years from now.

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A look behind the scenes

How peer institutions are advancing research goals



Quality assured

Reliable biobanking for medical research across South Africa.

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Europe modern biobank


Is this Europe's most modern biobank?

Breaking ground in personalized medicine and oncology research in Hungary.

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In their own words

Generations of researchers have dared to look beyond the horizon, advancing the edge of scientific knowledge. Hear echoes of these pioneers in first-person accounts from today's visionaries.

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Take a closer look at the intersection of technology and strategy

Get expert guidance on optimizing every stage of your workflow while mitigating risks.

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To protect and preserve

See the big picture with end-to-end biobanking solutions



Elevate your equipment ecosystem

Our globally consistent infrastructure helps eleminate the risks of sourcing and managing valuable biospeciments, so you can focus on the next big idea.

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The best breakthroughs come in small packages

Designed with an eye for quality, our consumables preserve the integrity of your samples and your research.

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