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The success of a biobank project starts at the point of collection to ensure the quality of samples and establishing a robust sample information foundation. Our pledge is to simplify and improve the quality of the critical stages in the biobanking process to ensure successful downstream research of biological specimens.

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Whether you’re managing the inventory of a freezer or an entire biorepository, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a solution to your biobank needs. Discover our virtual biobank, and see how we can help you with sample collection, preparation, storage, analysis and transport.
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Biobanks must have a comprehensive policy in place to ensure that they meet the needs of biomedical researchers without violating donors’ rights. It is crucial that this information is associated with the primary sample and subsequent aliquots. The use of a LIMS can be used to address the needs of the organization to manage donor information and sample tracking, data related to samples, security and regulatory protocols, as well as overall operational efficiency.

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High quality biobanking begins with a formalized sample collection strategy that is designed to ensure standardized practice of collecting samples and efficient downstream sample processing, analysis, and data management. Fisher BioServices sample collection specialists can help you design and build customized kits for your specific biobank studies. From simple four-tube configurations to complex kits with hundreds of components, we have the experience to ensure your team achieve success. 

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Emerging Trends in Biosample-based Research: Mobile Technologies, Citizen Science & Crowd-Sourcing Studies

Is the technology to collect the data needed for cohort studies already available, but we simply haven’t developed a process to put it to use?

Featured video—Biobank sample collection: bulk supplies vs. custom collection kits

Effective sample management planning is critical to the success of your biobank, and it starts with the right sample collection strategy. Here are five points to consider.

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