Safe and secure sample storage

Safe and secure storage is a non-negotiable part of the biobank workflow. We understand the dual importance of sample integrity and inventory management and offer a comprehensive, sample storage solution designed to protect your samples, track your inventory and provide peace of mind.

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Whether you’re managing the inventory of a freezer or an entire biorepository, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a solution to your biobank needs. Discover our virtual biobank, and see how we can help you with sample collection, preparation, storage, analysis and transport.
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The seven keys to safeguarding your cryopreserved cells

Safeguarding your samples throughout the entire cryopreservation process can be tricky. Understanding the seven keys can equip any lab with the knowledge necessary to ensure safety and optimal cryopreservation results. Topics include:

  • The big picture: The cryopreservation process
  • What you need to know about cryopreservation temperatures and cooling rates
  • Demystifying the tube selection process and knowing the vital features for sample safety
  • Avoiding critical risks when using liquid nitrogen

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Inside BioBanking

Can We Biobank Exosomes?

Exosomes, microvesicles, retrovirus-like particles and apoptotic bodies are extracellular vesicles that all cells secrete into extracellular space. Read article

Frozen Tissue Targets for Cancer Research

When it comes to biospecimens, available stores must be both readily available and appropriate for proposed research in order to meet the needs of the scientific community. Further to this, assessing research trends to forecast demand for particular sample types could positively impact funding and ensure biobank sustainability. Read article 


Frost & Sullivan Market Insight

The Biobanking Community to Increasingly Require Innovative Products in Bio-Storage Applications.
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Fisher BioServices

Qualification and Validation Webinar: How to Manage Cold Chain Qualification When Handling High Value Biologics

During this webinar, our cold chain experts provide perspective on the importance of an effective qualification strategy and answer some of the most common issues that are raised.
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Protecting Your Protocol: Operating a Flawless Clinical Agent Repository

Managing the distribution of clinical agents for large, multi-site clinical trials requires an expertise and structure designed to ensure accuracy. There is an additional layer of complexity to meet regulatory requirements and collect and manage data.
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Biobank Storage Temperatures: An Illustrative Guide

Storage temperatures and monitoring are critical to meeting requirements for biobank organizations. While each project varies in requirements, it is essential to understand the benefits and risks associated with each temperature option. Download infoposter ›


Two essential factors to consider when designing a cryopreservation protocol. 

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to long-term storage at low temperatures. Every sample type has unique characteristics that require different methods of preparation for the cryopreservation process. Learn more ›


Biobanking Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, videos, webinars, and white papers for biobanking.

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