Maintain sample integrity at every step

Maintaining integrity of your biospecimens at every point of transfer from collection to shipping/distribution is imperative to obtaining quality sample and associated data. The right logistics plan, climate, transport containers, and chain-of-custody as well as the type of samples and their intended use are vital to regulating sample temperature during transportation. Learn about the solutions that are available to how you can ensure proper temperature when relocating/transporting your biobank assets that requires controlled ambient, refrigerated, sub-zero, ultra low, or cryogenic (–196°C) temperature.

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Whether you’re managing the inventory of a freezer or an entire biorepository, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a solution to your biobank needs. Discover our new virtual biobank, and see how we can help you with sample collection, preparation, storage, analysis and transport.
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Controlled-rate freezing of cells during ultra cold transit

This blog post and associated white paper  by Fisher BioServices presents an inexpensive and innovative solution that allows staff at any clinical site to draw and process patient blood and place the resulting peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in a specialized shipper that will freeze the cells to –195°C.
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Frozen Tissue Targets for Cancer Research

When it comes to biospecimens, available stores must be both readily available and appropriate for proposed research in order to meet the needs of the scientific community. Further to this, assessing research trends to forecast demand for particular sample types could positively impact funding and ensure biobank sustainability.
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