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The leader in critical biological material management

Fisher BioServices is the industry leader in the management of critical biological materials to support the advancement of cell therapies, GMP biologics, and population-based public health research. We provide customized, end-to-end chain of custody solutions for our large pharmaceutical customers and partners in academia and government, ensuring the integrity of their valued material. 

Service categories

Sample integrity is essential to the success of every biobanking project. So is the ability to easily share information designed to accelerate lifesaving discoveries. Why take a risk? With experience maintaining the integrity of millions of samples in our global network of biorepositories, we are the experts in transporting, storing, and handling specialized biological samples and material.

The real value of biospecimens lies in the data they generate through techniques like genomic and proteomic analysis. Our lab processing services support personalized medicine and accelerate the discoveries that lead to innovative, effective, and safe healthcare products.

There are many variables that can influence the temperature of biological samples during the packaging and distribution processes. The combined components of our qualification and validation services contribute to our superior management of biological material and biospecimens.

The success of any clinical trial or cohort study begins at the point of collection. We design and assemble kits containing everything technicians need to collect and retrieve a specimen, or administer treatment for investigational use in clinical trials, according to best practices. 

Maintaining sample integrity at every point of transfer from collection to shipping/distribution is imperative. Whether moving a substantial inventory of biosamples or a single-dose cell therapy, we are experts in cold chain distribution and management, from ambient to cryogenic temperatures.

Automated Biobanking

In order to support our clients in achieving their aims in maximizing the value of their sample collections, we have installed a LiCONiC Semi-Automated Biobank (SAB) to manage the increased demands on sample utilization. To learn more and see the LiCONiC system in action, check out our video!

Smart Biobanking: from samples to predictive algorithm for detecting cancer

This is the story of 20 years of clinical research that has led to the development of a well-validated screening test for ovarian cancer, known as ROCA (the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm) that successfully identifies early stage disease. Just as significant, this is the story of the establishment of a unique biobank of serum that is now being used to discover and validate additional biomarkers for screening and early diagnosis of other cancers.