By developing breakthrough advanced therapies, medicine is being revolutionized to enable you to save precious lives. Whatever stage of the journey – R&D, clinical or commercial manufacturing – Thermo Fisher Scientific can connect you with cutting-edge, easy to use, innovative solutions and help overcome unique challenges across workflows, processes, timelines and locations. Achieve reproducible, reliable and fast results with our range of advanced laboratory equipment designed to support your GMP and cleanroom needs for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. With Thermo Fisher Scientific, you also get the expert guidance that lets you use them with confidence.

Products enhanced with compliance, support, and field services

Get up and running faster, stay compliant, support regulatory audits, and stay on schedule as you translate your cell therapy from discovery to clinical research and commercial manufacturing.



Thermo Scientific integrated solutions support your GMP and clean room needs for cell and gene therapy — from CO2 incubators and centrifuges to cold storage, biological safety cabinets, and beyond — with innovations supported by high-quality materials, factory acceptance certification, and on-site compliance support.

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Lab Equipment for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Cell Therapy Systems Series (CTS Series) laboratory equipment provides dedicated features for Cell Therapy purposes and is available with a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) folder including certifications and documentation as well as compliance services.

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Video: Cell Therapy Lab Equipment for GMP & cGMP Environments

Video: A Cell Therapy Journey from Vein to Vein

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