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Application noteAutomated PBMC isolation and T cell wash and concentration by the CTS Rotea system
Application noteIntegrated generation and characterization of CAR T cells
Application noteFreeze it and forget it: the value of having a robust formulation and cryopreservation strategy for cell therapy manufacturing
Application notePerformance Equivalency of CTS OpTmizer T-Cell Expansion SFM with and without Phenol Red
Application noteThe Benefits of Supplementing CTS OpTmizer T-Cell Expansion SFM, No Phenol Red
Application noteCTS OpTmizer T-Cell Expansion SFM, No Phenol Red, Displays T-Cell Manufacturing Workflow Flexibility
Application noteOne Step Isolation and Activation with Dynabeads Cell Therapy 
Application noteCO2 Smart Note: Which incubation parameters are most important for propoer cell growth and expression?
Application noteDevelopment of Purification Steps for Several AAV Serotypes using POROS CaptureSelect AAVX Affinity Chromatography
Application noteOrbital Shakers
Application noteArrayed Lentiviral CRISPR Library—Powerful High-Throughput Loss-Of-Function Screening Tool
Application noteAdherent: Improve Lentiviral Production using Lipofectamine 3000 Reagent
Application noteManufacturing Pluripotent Cell Therapeutics Whitepaper
Application noteCell and Gene Therapy Kit Production
Application noteOne-Step Isolation and Activation of Naive and Early Memory T Cells with CTS Dynabeads CD3/CD28
Application noteEnhanced Sub Performance for Vero Cell Culture on Microcarriers
ArticleOvercoming Downstream Purification Challenges for Viral Vector Manufacturing: Enabling Advancement of Gene Therapies in the Clinic
ArticleUpstream and Downstream Solutions for AAV Manufacturing
ArticleEx Vivo Expansion of Human T Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy using the Novel Xeno-Free CTS Immune Cell Serum Replacement
ArticleCell Therapy Logistics: Beyond the Basics
ArticleA Rapid Cell Expansion Process for Production of Engineered Autologous CAR-T Cell Therapies 
BlogFisher Clinical Services Insights Blog
BrochurePatheon Viral Vector Services
BrochurePluripotent stem cell product guide
BrochureEnabling Discovery: A Comprehensive Spectrum of Tools for Target and Therapeutics Discovery
BrochureLentiviral Vector Production Brochure
BrochureIntegrated Solutions Across the Cell Therapy Workflow: Equipment and Labware Solutions to Support Discovery from Preparation and Culture to Harvest and Storage
BrochureCell Factory Systems
BrochurePluripotent Stem Cell Resource Handbook
BrochureMSC Sourcebook
BrochureCell Therapy Solutions for Every Step: Streamline the Path from Discovery to Cure
BrochureEmpowering Technologies for Immuno-Oncology Research
BrochureHerasafe 2030i
BrochureSmarter Protection Never Takes a Day Off: Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2030I Biological Safety Cabinets
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Custom serviceCold Chain Management and Expertise
Custom serviceFisher Clinical Services: Cell and Gene Therapy
Custom serviceQualification/Validation Services
Custom serviceContact Us for Custom Lentiviral Packaging Services
eBookControlling Preanalytical Variability in Biospecimen Collections
eBookDefense in Depth: Off-Site Storage of Biological Specimens and Biopharmaceuticals for Risk Mitigation
EventsJoin Bioprocessing at an Event
InterviewAddressing the Challenges of Commercial-Scale Manufacture of Viral Vectors for CAR-T Therapies
InterviewAAV Vector Process Development: Experiencing High Purity and High Yield- Experiences from the Front Line
Learning centerPluripotent Stem Cell Education
Learning centerBioproduction Learning Center
NewsletterBioPro Connect Newsletter
PodcastCells Fighting Cancer (Two-Part Series) Part 1: A Patient's Story
PodcastCells Fighting Cancer (Two-Part Series) Part 2: The Science Behind It
PosterA Rapid Alternative to Culture-Based Mycoplasma Detection
PosterStreamlined High Performance Extraction and Quantification of Host Cell Residual DNA
PosterOptimization of a Phenol Red-Free T-Cell Expansion Medium to Improve Performance and Workflow Flexibility
PosterA Sendai Viral Reprogramming Kit for Completely Xeno-Free Generation of iPSC
PosterAccelerating Advancement in Gene Therapy by Improving Downstream Purification of Viral Vectors
PosterImproved Control of Activation and Expansion of Tregs for use in Cell Therapy Applications
PosterInnovative Solutions Across the Viral Vector Production Workflow
PosterLarge-Scale Serum-Free Suspension Lentiviral Production System for Gene Therapy Application
Product selectionHelp Lock Contamination Out: For Uninterrupted Cell Culture Research
Product selectionPluripotent Stem Cell Products (research-use)
Product selectionResearch Use of Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) Products (research-use)
Product selectionGibco Cell Therapy Systems (CTS)
Product selection5 Steps to Creating 3D Cell Models
Product selectionCell Therapy Systems Media and Reagents
Product selectionOne Cell Bio Product Handbook
Product selectionCell Therapy Systems Immunotherapy—T Cell and Dendritic Cell Products
Product selectionLentiviral Delivery Of RNAi Vectors
Product selectionHematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) Products (research use)
Product selectionMesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Products (research use)
Product selectionInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) Media and Reagents
Product selectionMesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Media and Reagents for Cell Therapy
Product selectionNeural Stem Cells (NSCs) Media and Reagents for Cell Therapy
Product selectionCell & Gene Therapy Product and Service Selection Tool
Product selectionImmunotherapy Products
Product selectionStem Cell Research
Product selectionTesting for Mycoplasma Contaminants
ProtocolGibco Neurobiology Protocol Handbook
ProtocolNeurobiology Protocols
ProtocolNeural Stem Cell Protocols
ProtocolNeurobiology Protocols
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User guideCTS Dynabeads Treg Xpander
User guideLV-MAX Lentiviral Production System User Manual
User guideCTS Dynamag Magnet
User guideOpTmizer CTS T-Cell Expansion SFM
VideoCTS Mini-Documentary Series
VideoEnabling Hope for Cancer Patients through CAR-T Cell Therapy and Dynabeads Technology
VideoThermo Fisher Scientific Enabling Precision Medicine
VideoPaul's Story
WebinarImmuno-Oncology 2.0 Roundtable
WebinarGMP Ancillary Materials for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: What to Consider and when to Switch
WebinarDriving Supply Chain Productivity in Cell Therapy Clinical Trials
WebinarTransportation Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapies
WebinarCell and Gene Therapy Solutions: Enabling PSC Translation Workflows
WebinarCTS Essential 8 Medium: Transition Your PSC Research to the Clinic with Confidence
WebinarSetting Up a Rapid Mycoplasma Assay Supporting Recombinant Production
WebinarGMP Cell Banks as part of a Staged, Standardized, Platform-Style Cell Production Process 
WebinarPhysiological Oxygen: Historical and Molecular Perspective for Stem Cell Culture
WebinarComprehensive Characterization of Pluripotent Stem Cells
WebinarNew Viral and Non-Viral Platforms for T-Cell Engineering
WebinarAccelerating Advancement in Gene Therapy by Improving Downstream Purification of Viral Vectors
WebinarComparison of the Teratoma Assay and in Vitro Surrogate Tests for Assessment of Pluripotency of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
WebinarEvaluation of Poros AAVX Pan-Affinity Resin for rAAV Purification and cGMP Manufacturing
WebinarTransitioning to the Clinic from Proof of Concept Research
WebinarWatch A Bioproduction Webinar
White PaperAutologous CAR T cell manufacturing using a semiautomatic, closed, modular workflow for seamless transition from discovery to clinical manufacturing