Workshop: Industrialization of Cell Therapy Manufacturing—Lessons Learned from Biologics

Connecting insights across industries: watch our workshop

At the Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa 2021, experts in the fields of cell and gene therapy, biotech, and supply chain, came together to discuss the challenges and opportunities around cell therapy manufacturing, and the lessons to be learned from biologics.

During this 90-minute in-person workshop, our speakers shared insights into:

  •  Innovations in fit-for-purpose closed manufacturing systems
  • The need to move from small scale, open workflows into closed, scalable automated flows

  •  Controlling critical process parameters with digital integration
  • Using automation to address process, efficiency, robustness, safety, quality and cost

  •  Whether we should standardize our approach to analytics
  • A deep dive into standardization as applied to analytics, in process analytics and QC analytics, and the lessons to be learned from biologics

  •  Overcoming supply chain challenges in a post-pandemic world
  • The ways in which the pandemic forced us all to be more efficient and thoughtful in the ways that we  approach supply chain considerations and opportunities


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