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Enabling instrument connectivity through digital automation

In this webinar, you’ll get an introduction of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s closed, modular end-to-end manufacturing process, as well as a demonstration how cell therapy instruments can be integrated, automated, and incorporated into existing workflows.

Autologous and allogeneic therapies - today and tomorrow: Exploring the science, manufacturing and regulatory considerations

Watch this webinar for insights on formulating tailored strategies to address the unique manufacturing challenges associated with autologous and allogeneic therapies.

Implementing a closed cell therapy manufacturing process through strategic collaboration

In this webinar, cell therapy manufacturing industry leaders discuss solutions for standardizing your manufacturing process and how strategic collaborations can help streamline the transition through the commercialization pipeline.

Approaches to implementing automation in cell therapy manufacturing

In this webinar, David James from Scinogy, Fred Parietti from Multiply Labs, and Betty Woo from Thermo Fisher Scientific, share valuable insights on the evolution of automation processes, designing or sourcing instruments to support your process, and regulatory compliant workflows.

Build vs. buy: key considerations when establishing your commercial strategy for cell and gene therapy manufacturing

Our Thermo Fisher Scientific specialists take you through what you need to consider when setting up a commercial strategy for success.


Strategic partnering to enable cell therapy commercialization

Cell therapy manufacturing leaders discuss the challenges of commercializing cell therapies. Learn how manufacturing innovations, industry partnerships, and more can help you optimize your processes and accelerate your commercialization journey.

Scaling nonviral cell therapy approaches for solid tumor treatments

Learn how PACT Pharma Inc. revolutionized a nonviral precision genome engineering process through automation and standardization of the end-to-end cell therapy manufacturing workflow.

The digital revolution: enabling automation in cell therapy manufacturing

Learn how emerging technologies in cell therapy manufacturing can enable automation and standardization.

Decentralized manufacturing: Enabling scalable and cost effective point of care for cell and gene therapies

Tune into this webinar and learn all about the drivers and challenges of decentralized manufacturing from industry leaders.

Current and future state of T cell therapy manufacturing

Watch this webinar to learn about the challenges associated with supporting conversion of autologous to allogeneic workflows.

GMP requirements for cell and gene therapy institutions

Learn why implementing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is critical to ensure consistent quality and safety of any pharmaceutical product.

A successful journey to cell therapy manufacturing: From R&D to lot-release

In this webinar, we uncover three key areas to consider when you’re preparing to commercialize a cell therapy.


A closed, modular approach to CAR T cell therapy manufacturing

In this video, you'll get a step‑by‑step overview on how to use Thermo Fisher Scientific's digitally compatible, GMP‑compliant manufacturing platform to produce CAR T cells.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and UCSF strategic alliance enables accelerated cell therapy development

Learn how the new state-of-the-art cell therapy manufacturing and collaboration center will empower researchers to scale future clinical campaigns.

One patient’s story of receiving cell therapy treatment (CAR-T cell therapy)

When his lymphoma grew faster than expected, Paul Chae was treated with CAR-T cell therapy. Discover how innovations in technology helped Paul become cancer free.

Workshop: Industrialization of Cell Therapy Manufacturing—Lessons Learned from Biologics

Cell and gene therapy industry experts come together to discuss how the lessons learned from biologics can be applied to advance the industrialization of cell therapy manufacturing.

A cell therapy journey from vein-to-vein

Realize your vision of transforming cells into life-saving cell therapies.


Strategic partnering to enable cell therapy commercialization

In this article, cell therapy manufacturing leaders from ArsenalBio and Thermo Fisher Scientific discuss the benefits of building partnerships between biotech and pharma to optimize and accelerate cell therapy commercialization.

The digital revolution: technological innovations to enable automation in cell therapy manufacturing

This article reviews the considerations and benefits of an automated closed, modular cell therapy workflow.


Scaling non-viral cell therapy approaches for solid tumor treatments

In this article, cell therapy manufacturing leaders from PACT Pharma Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific discuss safety and regulatory advantages of non-viral transfection for cell therapy and scaling and automating the manufacturing process.

An innovative approach towards standardizing cell therapy manufacturing

Whether you’re new to cell therapy manufacturing or looking to expand your existing processes and knowledge base, this article highlights emerging technologies for cell therapy manufacturers.


Cell therapy manufacturing workflow

View this infographic for an overview of a genetically modified cell therapy workflow and key considerations at each step from plasmid production through cold chain logistics.

Cell therapy workflow: Integrated solutions from collection to delivery

The journey of the patient from vein-to-vein is a complex process that requires a multitude of products, instrumentation, equipment and regulatory compliant infrastructure.

Overcoming cell therapy manufacturing challenges with closed, modular and automated solutions

Navigate top manufacturing challenges and solutions across the autologous T-cell therapy workflow.

The future of cell therapy

Download our infoposter to learn more about the development of cell therapies, historical breakthroughs, common challenges, and things to consider through each stage of the workflow.


Cell and gene therapies in the US vs. EU: Top five areas of differentiation

Discover five key differences in the drug development and review process through FDA or EMA approval as well as tips for navigating these differences.

Cell therapy handbook: Considerations for cell therapy development and manufacturing

A review of the latest methodologies, common practices, resources, applications and more, to support every step of your cell therapy manufacturing workflow.

Cell therapy: Optimizing the vein-to-vein workflow

The patient is at the center of the cell therapy journey. Discover how a GMP-compliant, semiautomated manufacturing platform can result in consistent, efficacious CAR T cell production.

Application notes

Autologous CAR-T cell manufacturing using a semiautomatic, closed, modular workflow

Learn how you can integrate complex workflows to improve the consistency, purity, and safety of your CAR-T cell product.

A closed solution for T cell isolation and activation

Get a step-by-step guide for T cell isolation and activation with Gibco CTS Dynabeads using the Gibco CTS Rotea system and Gibco CTS DynaMag Magnet. 


Enabling cell & gene therapy raw materials standardization and regulatory compliance

Discover why the quality of raw materials needs to be considered according to the stage of development of the cell or gene therapy.

New innovations and technology for T cell and viral vector manufacturing

Learn about the technological innovations impacting the urgent needs in cell and gene therapy development.


Download our brochure and connect with the solutions and guidance you need to advance your cell therapies

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Your cell and gene therapy journey from discovery to commercialization

Find out how Thermo Fisher Scientific can connect you to Cell and Gene Therapy products, services and solutions to help you progress.

Case study

Expanding the cell and gene therapy manufacturing workflow

Download our case study to learn how the Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL) at Northeastern University created efficiencies in cell and gene therapy manufacturing by collaborating with Thermo Fisher Scientific as a single partner.

Blog articles

Closed system automation for cell therapy

Explore the differences between open and closed systems for manufacturing CAR T cell therapies, as well as the benefits of closed system automation.

Characterization and analysis of cell therapies

Learn about the tools and strategies cell therapy manufacturers use to analyze and accurately characterize their biological products.

Cell isolation, engineering, and expansion

This blogpost serves as a high-level overview of common techniques employed in the field for cell isolation, genetic modification and approaches to cell expansion.

Raw material considerations for cell therapies

This blogpost intends to provide a high-level overview of the considerations used to select raw materials that mitigate risk and align with current regulatory guidelines.

Advancing cell and gene therapy development beyond COVID-19 pandemic

This is the second blog in a two-part series that will explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cell and gene therapy development and how to apply lessons learned throughout the pandemic to enhance process workflows.

Driving cell and gene therapy development during COVID-19 pandemic

This is the first blog in a two-part series that will explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cell and gene therapy development and how to apply lessons learned throughout the pandemic to enhance process workflows.

Maximizing value in cell therapy manufacturing through collaboration

Learn how the strategic collaboration between Thermo Fisher Scientific and ArsenalBio helped accelerate therapeutic development and facilitated the challenging transition of moving therapies through the commercialization pipeline.

Better together: Accelerating cell therapy development through collaboration

Discover why collaboration matters, what makes a good partnership, and how you can overcome the challenges of cell therapy manufacturing and scaling on your path to clinical and commercial success.

Finding the right cell therapy collaborator for your specific needs

Whether you’re a large biotech company producing blockbuster therapeutics or a startup biotech looking to bring your innovative and disruptive product to market, this blog post will show you how partnership can help you accelerate cell therapy development—and avoid headaches along the way.

Advances in incubator storage reduce common risks to stem cells

Discover how to reduce the contamination risk, maintain environmental stability, and reduce gas use and evaporation with Thermo Fisher Scientific Cell Locker™ System.

High-performance incubation with certified cleanroom compatibility

Translating innovative cell therapy research into promising products requires the use of carefully controlled incubation environments that provide optimal conditions for cell growth.

Is your biosafety cabinet a weak link?

Learn how an electronically monitored BSC can provide a strong link in the aseptic processing chain, maintaining safety and quality, and simplifying the compliance process.

Laboratory equipment’s role in transitioning from research to GMP

New GMP-focused laboratory solutions are easing the transition from cell and gene therapy research to GMP production.

Remote monitoring & connectivity boost efficiency & compliance

Learn how real-time supervision of critical laboratory equipment parameters can boost laboratory efficiency and productivity by reducing sample failures.

Successful cell therapy commercialization starts with QbD

The cell therapy commercialization process doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn to how to make it easier by relying on cell therapy solutions and expert advice.

The importance of controlling the rate of freezing

Discoveries in gene and cell therapies are happening every day. Learn how to achieve seamless transitions from the discovery to the production phase by using a controlled-rate freezer.

What does cGMP “coming of age” look like?

Researchers face enormous pressure in maintaining their adherence to cGMP standards. Discover how Thermo Fisher Scientific focuses on simplifying cGMP compliance.