T cell therapy has been revolutionary, producing durable and effective clinical responses in patients. However, the autologous T cell therapy manufacturing process is complex, labor-intensive, and involves many open processes that can impact regulatory compliance and lead to inconsistencies. Discover how to navigate cGMP manufacturing complexities, minimize errors and contamination, and get therapies to patients faster by introducing a flexible and modular workflow.

Our series of closed, modular instruments can operate together, or independently, while carrying out critical functions of the cell therapy manufacturing process. Through digital automation, workflow components can be both physically and digitally integrated to increase standardization and help you successfully reach your milestones.

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Collaborate with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Connect your cell therapy innovations with our expertise in scalable cell therapy cGMP manufacturing solutions to help bring your therapy to market faster. 

Connecting expertise with excellence

We are connecting UCSF’s leadership in the newest forms of cellular immunotherapy with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s extensive capabilities in cell therapy instrumentation, manufacturing and distribution, providing customers with integrated, end-to-end solutions to reduce costs and accelerate adoption of cell therapies.

Standardizing the CAR T workflow

Achieve a seamless transition from laboratory scale to clinical manufacturing, and improve the consistency, purity, and safety of CAR T cell products by integrating your multistep process into a semiautomated, closed, modular system.

Find cell therapy products to meet your needs

From laboratory equipment to reagents, instruments and digital science tools, Thermo Fisher Scientific connects you to the largest collection of products and platforms to meet your cell therapy needs.

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Discover educational resources for cell therapy manufacturing

No matter your development stage, find resources and learning materials to help advance your cell therapy expertise. Explore our comprehensive content to maximize your time, effort, and clinical outcomes.

cts rotea system application note front page

Automated PBMC isolation and T cell wash and concentration by the CTS Rotea System

Autologous cell and gene therapy workflows involve a multistep process. Certain steps in these workflows could benefit from optimized automation to decrease hands-on time and cost of the cell manufacturing process.

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cell therapy handbook front page

Cell therapy handbook: Considerations for cell therapy development and manufacturing

Whether you are new to cell therapy manufacturing or looking to expand your existing processes and knowledge base, this comprehensive overview will cover all aspects of your journey, from ensuring a correct initial setup to quality control, and commercial success.

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biomanufacturing workflows handbook front page

The importance of automation and data management across biomanufacturing workflows

By using technology and automation to drive quality and efficiency in R&D, process controls can be automated and managed, allowing improved productivity while maintaining high quality standards during process optimization and scale-up.

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cts optimizer application note front page

CTS OpTmizer T Cell Expansion SFM, no phenol red, displays T cell manufacturing workflow flexibility

As variation in workflows and protocols for CAR T cell manufacturing increases, the demand for a T cell culture medium that is compliant with these processes becomes more challenging to satisfy.

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application note improving allogeneic workflow cts optimizer pro

Improving allogeneic workflow and cell proliferation using CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM


This application note outlines the capabilities of CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM compared with a control medium in both diseased patients’ and healthy donors’ cells.

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dynabeads application note front page

One-step isolation and activation of naive and early memory T cells with CTS Dynabeads CD3/CD28

Discover how using Gibco CTS Dynabeads CD3/CD28 beads led to nearly 100% recovery of naive and early memory T cells through a one-step process of simultaneous T cell isolation and activation that yielded pure and uniformly activated T cells.

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