Our partnership program is designed to support customers on their path to clinical and commercial success. Through our collaboration centers, customers can leverage our expansive product and process optimization knowledge to create comprehensive, end-to-end manufacturing workflows that can scale for commercialization.

Why collaborate

Integrate Thermo Fisher Scientific instruments and reagents into your workflow in a seamless and efficient manner by working side by side with our team of professionals to develop tailored solutions that fit your needs.

Collaboration benefits include:

  • Early access to new, state-of-the-art Thermo Fisher Scientific technologies
  • Protocol and process optimization from our technical product experts
  • Product-specific regulatory support to enable your regulatory filings
  • Ongoing support as cell therapy programs grow and advance
scientists performing cell therapy production process in lab

Process Optimization

The incorporation of closed solutions designed for digital integration and automation promote standardization of the process through reduction of manual touchpoints—ultimately enabling increased manufacturing success. Leverage our team’s process optimization knowledge and product expertise to create comprehensive, end-to-end manufacturing workflows that can easily scale for commercialization.

scientist using xenon

Manufacturing Support

Our dedicated professionals assist in creating optimized manufacturing processes utilizing a broad range of Thermo Fisher products including instruments, reagents and analytical assays. As you progress through your cell therapy development journey, should you choose to transfer and outsource your manufacturing process, contract development and manufacturing services are available through our Patheon Services.

scientist using gibco optimizer cts in lab

Regulatory Support

The high degree of product qualification and the traceability documents, including FDA Drug Master Files and Regulatory Support Files, provided with our cell therapy–specific products help support your regulatory submission and facilitate a seamless transition to the clinic.


two scientists at cell processing workbench

Partnership Management

Progress in cell therapy means finding a partner that can help you strengthen your connections. Our partnership management team connects you to fit-for-purpose products and services, technical expertise, and regulatory professionals. As new needs arise and your cell-therapy program evolves, our team remains readily available to answer questions and provide ongoing platform-specific support. 

Industry-leading Expertise

Our goal is to support your cell therapy journey at every stage: from initial discovery to clinical trials to commercially viable cell therapies. Request information about collaborating with our team to optimize your cell therapy manufacturing process. Request information

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