The multipurpose Gibco CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System is a cell processing system that offers flexibility to address processing needs from cell therapy research to process development to commercial manufacturing. This automated solution applies the proven counterflow centrifugation method to a broad range of cell processing applications, including CAR-T therapy, stem cell therapy, and PBMC isolation.

Award-winning cell processing system

CTS Rotea cell processing system capabilities

Maintains sterility throughout the process

The gamma-irradiated kit, which can be safely discarded when the process is complete, helps reduce the need for more expensive, higher clean room classifications.

Exceptional flexibility for integration at multiple points in cell processing workflows

The CTS Rotea system serves a variety of processes, including cell separation, concentration, washing and, buffer exchange. The instrument fits on a benchtop and integrates smoothly at multiple workflow points.

Scales from R&D to GMP cell therapy manufacturing

Use the CTS Rotea system to develop and refine processes. Then transition seamlessly and confidently to clinical GMP manufacturing using the same instrument, kits, and protocols.

Explore media and reagents compatible with the CTS Rotea cell processing system

Gibco CTS media and reagents are packaged in automation-compatible cell therapy bags suitable for automated workflows.