Kits, media, and reagents for the Rotea system


Rotea single-use kits and Gibco CTS off-the-shelf bagged media and reagents streamline automated cell and gene therapy manufacturing from cell therapy research through process development and commercial manufacturing.

Flexible and customizable Rotea single-use kits

CTS Rotea closed system single-use kits, comprising tubing and connectors, offer flexibility for process development and can be easily configured for commercial scale manufacturing. The broad flow rate (5–160 mL/min) and centrifugal force (0–3,000 g) capabilities enable flexibility in applications. The single-use kits are sterile weldable to PVC and are also compatible with Luer connectors, enabling quick connections to input and output lines. Sterile, single use kits enable closed system operation of the Rotea system to help reduce the need for higher level cleanroom operations, leading to a cost-effective transfer and scale out for customers. View additional Rotea single-use kit specifications.

Media and reagents in automation-compatible cell therapy bags

Seamless clinical translation through commercial manufacturing

Gibco CTS off-the-shelf bagged media support automated cell and gene therapy manufacturing from clinical translation through commercial manufacturing. Automation-compatible media and reagents are manufactured in state-of-the-art cGMP, ISO certified facilities to help ensure the high quality and consistency for reproducible results.

Each formulation is available in a flexible bioprocess container format suitable for aseptic integration into cell therapy workflows.

Gibco PeproGMP Growth Factors and Cytokines

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers GMP recombinant proteins that can help you seamlessly scale your cell production process while meeting clinical requirements. Gibco PeproGMP cytokines are designed and manufactured to support end-to-end manufacturing of cell therapies and other biotherapeutics.

Quality testing and regulatory documentation for Rotea accessories

CTS systems and reagents comply with industry standards and are backed by compliance documentation and support including Drug Master Files, Regulatory Support Files, Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Conformance as applicable.

Cell characterization instruments compatible with the Rotea system

Invitrogen Attune Flow Cytometers

Invitrogen Countess III Automated Cell Counter

QuantStudio 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System