Instrument specifications


Easily fitting on a benchtop, the compact CTS Rotea system’s counterflow centrifugation technology was designed to gently and efficiently separate cells or aggregates based on size, and to concentrate particles with outer diameter (OD) >5 μm.


The proprietary Gibco DirectDraw extraction technology allows users to gently and precisely recover washed and concentrated cells from the processing chamber at the extremely low-volume output of 5 mL and is ideal when electroporation is the next step. In addition, the CTS Rotea system incorporates multiple sensors to monitor and protect the integrity of the closed system.

*Dependent on single-use kit type.

**Dependent on cell type. Centrifuge can be filled multiple times to process larger batches.

Note: Specifications and parameters above are cell type and protocol dependent. Instrument and Consumable Regulatory Support File available upon request at

Single-use kit specifications

The CTS Rotea single-use kit provides flexibility for process development and seamless transfer to clinical-scale manufacturing.