Online and downloadable materials for the Xenon Electroporation System

The manuals, brochures, application notes, demos, videos, webinars, and other resources in this section will help you get the most out of your Xenon Electroporation System.

Documentation and literature

Demos and videos

Interactive 3D Virtual Tour

Tour the features and capabilities of the Xenon Electroporation System with our hands-on interactive demo.


Software updates

To download the latest software for the Xenon Electroporation System, see our software download page. 

Educational resources

Education resources for the Xenon Electroporation System include an abundance of online cell therapy and transfection materials.

Cell & Gene Therapy Learning Center

Our free online learning center contains abundant resources about cell therapy principles, applications, techniques, and scale-up. You may find the Cell Therapy Handbook of particular interest.

Transfection Techniques & Basics

The Transfection section of the Gibco Cell Culture Basics resource offers articles about electroporation and other transfection methods. The Electroporation subtopic contains helpful basic information.

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