Help ensure success with warranties, service plans, and other services for the CTS Xenon system

There’s no time for downtime in your lab. More than 2,000 trained professionals make up one of the industry’s largest global service and support networks, ready to provide you assistance when needed. Built on more than 35 years of service expertise, our exceptional services and support solutions help keep labs up and running.

CTS Xenon system standard warranty

All CTS Xenon Electroporation Systems come with a standard one-year warranty. During the one-year system warranty period, all costs for travel or shipping, labor, and parts for repairs are covered.

AB Assurance on-site service plan

Many customers choose to purchase an AB Assurance on-site service plan, which extends the standard one-year warranty for an additional year. A service plan can:

  • Maximize system uptime with fast repair turnaround time from manufacturer-trained and certified field service engineers
  • Reduce overall repair costs with remote instrument diagnosis and resolution
  • Extend the life of your system and keep it running at peak performance with annual service maintenance

AB Assurance is our most popular instrument service plan because it takes the guesswork out of ensuring instrument uptime, from issue prevention to quick resolution. With the AB Assurance plan, if something goes wrong that can’t be diagnosed and repaired remotely, we come to your site to correct it. The plan includes guaranteed response times in most regions, scheduled planned maintenance, and automatic software updates. Parts, labor, travel, and shipping are included.

AB Assurance plan overview

*Response times vary by region.

Planned maintenance

During the second year of the AB Assurance plan, our field service engineer (FSE) will visit your site to perform a scheduled planned maintenance (PM). Maintenance visits are intended to help you prevent downtime, reduce strain on your laboratory staff, and help ensure the life of your instrument.


During a PM service visit, the FSE will inspect the system, update the software if required, and clean, lubricate, and calibrate relevant mechanical parts. The FSE will also complete functional tests and performance verification and document maintenance tasks, results, and findings.

Purchase CTS Xenon system service plans

Service plans may be purchased** along with your CTS Xenon Electroporation System as detailed in the instrument/service plan bundles below. For a system you’ve already purchased, extended warranties covering an extra year are also available. Contact your local sales representative regarding an extra year of service.


**Extended warranty packages are not available in all regions. Please contact your local sales representative or contact us

Qualification services to complement the Xenon system service plan

You can add qualification services to complement your service plan. Instrument hardware qualifications for the CTS Xenon Electroporation System document and verify that the instrument is installed and operating properly.


Instrument qualification (IQ) provides documented evidence and verification that the instrument has been delivered and installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Operational qualification (OQ) provides documented verification that the instrument subsystems are operating as designed and verifies that the functionality of an instrument meets the manufacturer’s operational specifications.


IQ and OQ are recommended at installation, after moving the instrument, after software or hardware upgrades, and after planned maintenance or critical repairs. Our qualification specialists will partner with you to help deliver timely, cost-effective, and trusted qualification services that include reliable, audit-style documentation that can help ensure your instruments meet regulatory requirements.

AB qualification service

AB qualification service provides a second on-site Operational Qualification service visit with a field service engineer (FSE) within two years of installation. This OQ is required after major preventative maintenance, an instrument move, or other significant change. The FSE runs prescribed tests using a protocol designed to challenge the operating parameters of the instrument to help ensure it functions within design specifications. The FSE evaluates and documents the test results and determines pass/fail. Upon receiving a pass result, the FSE verifies the instrument is operating within the manufacturer’s design specifications. AB Qualification documentation may be included in a device history file to be referenced during audits and inspections as part of risk mitigation strategies.