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Customer stories

Here’s what researchers using Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation Systems in their labs have to say about the product:

“Rotea is exactly what the cell therapies sector has been waiting for: a flexible, single-use system that is aggressive on efficiency but gentle on cells.” Rebecca Lim,
Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Brochures and spec sheets

Demos and videos

Meet the CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System

Introducing the CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System, a closed cell processing system for cell therapy manufacturing.

How it works

Our How It Works video shows counterflow centrifuge elutriation in action.

Rotea system setup and example protocol

See how easy it is to set up the Rotea system and process a typical run.

Rotea software overview

With the Rotea software, you can create or optimize protocols, simulate a run, and monitor a run with the onboard CellCam.

Rotea bead kit demo

Watch the Rotea system separate 10-µm blue beads from 6-µm yellow beads as if they were two cell populations. The demo shows loading the protocol, priming, building a bed, elutriation, buffer exchange, and harvesting.

Software, Firmware, and Protocols

For the latest software, firmware, and protocols for the Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System, see our Software Download page.

Customer education

See our additional educational resources below to learn more about the Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System and relevant workflows.

For training courses taught at your site and online, view Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System Services