Fully gowned quality professional inspects a BPC chamber in a clean room

Cell and gene therapy (CGT) programs are quickly advancing through the development stages, and an increasing number of therapies are in clinical trials and progressing to commercial approval. The more advanced the development process, the more important it is to establish a robust, repeatable and sustainable process. Single-use technologies (SUT) are perfect for the CGT market as they provide the flexibility required to establish new processes, while enabling standardization of processes at multiple scales later on.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a partner to CGT developers for many years. Along with our cell culture, purification and analytics solutions, we offer the expertise, service and solutions you need to for your process independently of cell line.

Why single-use technology for cell and gene therapy?

SUT provides robust solutions that reduce the risk of contamination. It is well-understood that SUT shortens turnover time for equipment and ultimately helps increase speed-to-market for cell and gene therapy developers. By establishing control platforms and replicable processes in process development, cell and gene therapy developers can more efficiently scale up their solutions through clinical trials.

Control and data management

To manage your data and, we offer a standard control system that is based on the robust Emerson Delta V  platform, putting you on the path for accelerated cGMP approval as you eliminate costly and time-consuming tech transfers later in your process.

Single-use hardware

As you scale your processes, we offer single-use equipment for adherent and suspension cell lines, including bioreactors and mixers from bench scale to production. These products meet specific CGT needs, such as low cell shearing.

Single-use consumables

Our BioProcess Containers (BPC) are flexible containment systems. Our proprietary films have been specifically designed to meet the needs of bioprocessing customers and are well adopted in the industry. In addition, we offer a wide range of rigid single-use consumables such as cell factory systems (for adherent cell culture), bottles, and fluid transfer assemblies.

Whether you are establishing a new process or need to improve your existing one, contact us to discuss how we might be able to help.

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