Discover how we can put you in control of molecular diagnostics

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD systems and diagnostics ecosystem supports real-time PCR (qPCR) diagnostic applications from assay development to clinical molecular diagnostics testing.

Innovative capabilities for molecular diagnostic development and testing

From tracking the spread of infectious disease to monitoring levels of a key mutation in cancer, molecular diagnostic testing is revolutionizing patient management. The ecosystem of QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD instruments, software, consumables, accessories, services, and support was designed to meet the unique needs of users across the molecular diagnostics space. For molecular diagnostic assay developers and clinical diagnostic laboratorians alike, QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD systems and products put users in control of assay development and diagnostic applications.

A qPCR ecosystem optimized for molecular diagnostics assay workflows

Developing, commercializing, and running a molecular diagnostics test requires not only reliable, high-quality instruments, software, and reagents, but also flexible and customizable solutions. In addition to providing the largest qPCR diagnostic portfolio in the industry, we offer the needed instruments, software, reagents, as well as comprehensive support from specialists to guide users along the way.

Our suite of TaqPath master mixes and MicroAmp qPCR plastics help ensure confidence and performance for even the most demanding molecular diagnostics applications, and Applied Biosystems reagents offer unparalleled reliability, reproducibility, and customization for molecular diagnostics assay development. As an assay moves through the development process, the QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD instruments and Diomni software make quality control and verification simple with automated analysis and fully configurable molecular diagnostics assay workflow parameters.

Whether you’re in an established hospital lab or a small clinical lab designing and running proprietary assays, the QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD instruments, Diomni Software, reagents, and accessories enable productivity and performance at every step.


See how the QuantStudio Real-Time PCR ecosystem brings the future of qPCR diagnostic applications to life

Powering flexible and scalable infectious disease MDx testing

Molecular diagnostic methods bring new levels of accuracy, sensitivity, and precision to infectious disease testing. Efficient workflows are essential to deliver timely results, and operations must be scalable to keep up with changes in throughput demand. From running multiplex assays testing for a panel of common infectious diseases to developing a proprietary assay for a novel pathogenic target, the QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD ecosystem provides end-to-end solutions in qPCR molecular diagnostic testing.

Uncovering molecular pathways to diagnose and treat cancer

Molecular diagnostic testing has become indispensable to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. qPCR-based assays enable sensitive and specific detection of both common and newly identified cancer mutations and biomarkers, helping providers select the most targeted treatments. The QuantStudio Real-Time PCR IVD ecosystem enables clinicians to detect and quantify a wide range of molecular cancer markers with ready-made assays or to develop proprietary tests for novel targets, bringing deeper insights to every patient’s case.


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