Applied Biosystems Diomni Enterprise Software is an on-premise workflow solution that connects all steps in your real-time PCR (qPCR) test development and routine testing workflows in a single ecosystem.

Experience the power of one

One connection: Diomni Enterprise Software combines instruments, assays, and consumables to streamline your workflow from samples to clinical results. It lets you optimize the use of your QuantStudio instruments with the scalability to expand your test menu at any time.

One interface: flexible, multimode workspaces enable labs to use a single, intuitive user interface no matter the task, from performing routine testing to using test development tools. The assay development file (ADF) workflow provides a consistent user experience, and laboratory information system (LIS) integration may reduce time-to-results.

One workflow: extraction, assay selection, testing, analysis, quality control (QC), and interpretive reporting are all integrated in a seamless, end-to-end workflow that helps improve efficiency while reducing the potential for human error from manual steps, reducing turnaround time with results in approximately three hours. In this new era of digitalized workflows, Diomni Enterprise Software powerfully connects the components of your lab’s qPCR system in a single, easy-to-use solution.

TaqPath qPCR assays and reagents for your clinical workflow


TaqPath PCR assays

TaqMan Assays are the industry-leading choice for molecular diagnostic applications such as gene expression, pharmacogenomics, and microbial detection. Our portfolio includes over 20 million ready-to-use predesigned assays, as well as customizable primers and probes for maximum assay design flexibility.

Receive enhanced traceability, documentation and compliance within regulated environments with our TaqPath assays.


TaqPath qPCR and RT-qPCR master mixes and reagents

Applied Biosystems offers TaqPath qPCR master mixes and reagents for Laboratory Use with excellent performance, reliability, and consistency. Optimized for a range of applications including but not limited to microbial and pathogen detection and gene expression, microRNA, genotyping, and genetic variation analysis. Designed for your most demanding applications in research, molecular diagnostics testing, assay development, and drug development QC.

Order TaqPath master mixes labeled “For Laboratory Use”.

  • Consistent and excellent performance with rigorous analytical and functional QC to ensure exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Ready for In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR)—self-serve compliance documentation easily accessible on product webpages to accelerate IVD assay development, submission, and clinical trials QC 
  • Tolerant of inhibitors common in clinical samples that inhibit PCR
  • Supply chain assurance with dual-site manufacturing in ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered facilities that adheres to cGMP principles

Streamline your routine diagnostic testing with our clinical workflow instruments and software



QuantStudio instruments

Boost your productivity by integrating your real-time PCR systems into your molecular diagnostics workflow solution. As a leader in PCR innovation, we offer you the gold standard in real-time PCR instrumentation.

Compare the QuantStudio 7 Pro Dx and the QuantStudio 5 Dx systems ›


Diomni Enterprise Software

Streamline your routine in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing with Diomni Enterprise Software. When developing a new assay, Diomni software streamlines your molecular diagnostics workflow from setup to results to optimize your lab’s efficiency.

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Complete your workflow and back it up with the best-in-class service


AB Platinum service plan

Patient results should not be compromised or delayed because of instrument downtime. Raise your level of confidence in your instruments with a service plan that unlocks the total support you need to help deliver reliable patient results.

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Keep your instrument compliant with the included qualification services and bring simplicity to your lab.

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Sample prep instruments

The KingFisher Apex Purification System represents the pinnacle of automated purification for DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells. Building on decades of KingFisher product value and excellence, we’ve combined superior instrument capabilities with complete touchscreen-based control to deliver unrivaled flexibility and performance. The KingFisher Apex system makes sample prep simple.

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Step into the future of molecular diagnostics

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we understand that the future of clinical diagnostic testing is molecular. Molecular diagnostics tests have become indispensable tools, and the use of molecular-based assays will continue to grow in number and importance for vitally important diagnostic tests. Our innovative, complete real-time PCR (qPCR) workflow puts you in command, enabling you to effectively respond to the testing challenges you face, both today and tomorrow.

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For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

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