Pathogen Detection and Analysis Solutions

Flexible-content real-time PCR pathogen detection and analysis solutions

Laboratories analyzing pathogens are readily onboarding molecular technologies to help manage infectious disease due to the pressing need for tools that facilitate effective decision-making, improved future outcomes, and reduced cost of care. Applied Biosystems pathogen detection solutions deliver rapid, highly sensitive tests that enable accurate results for the most common global infectious diseases using verified multiplex real-time PCR technology. Our flexible-content syndromic panels let you test for multiple markers the first time, making them relevant and a cost-efficient way to get more answers from your samples with increased confidence in your laboratory.

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Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of pathogen detection solutions

Address current and future challenges with innovative solutions to help meet the unprecedented demand for trusted COVID-19 testing.

Respiratory pathogen detection solution

Now updated with SARS-CoV-2 targets, our solution features the largest number respiratory pathogen targets of any test on the market.

Custom controls

Order synthetic controls to match the exact content of your pathogen detection panel.

Urinary tract pathogen detection solution

Our real-time PCR urinary tract microbiota solution enables rapid detection of pathogens associated with urinary tract infections in under five hours.

Antibiotic resistance TaqMan Assays

View the complete list of TaqMan Assays for antibiotic resistance (ABR) genes and explore our flexible ordering formats.

Vaginal microbiota detection solution

Our solution has the widest range of both commensal and pathogenic microbial targets compared to other commercially available molecular solutions.

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