Real-time PCR for the molecular detection of infectious disease pathogens

Real-time PCR technology delivers extraordinary benefits over traditional culturing detection methods for human pathogens. Our Applied Biosystems flexible content solutions help enable labs to more accurately detect a broader range of pathogens faster, and with unparalleled scalability—all while reducing testing costs.

Monkeypox virus update


We have solutions for public health laboratories performing monkeypox virus research.

Use our TaqMan Microbe Detection assays for your monkeypox virus research ›

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COVID-19 and Flu Testing Solutions

With involvement in more than 50% of worldwide testing, Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading single source-supplier in COVID-19 testing. Rely on an extensive portfolio of tailored solutions to meet your needs as they evolve.

Respiratory Tract Infection Testing Solutions

Applied Biosystems TrueMark Respiratory Panels are sensitive, real-time PCR panels for the detection of a wide range of respiratory pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, that often present as symptomatically similar.

Vaginal and Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Solutions

TaqMan Assays give you the flexibility to configure a highly accurate and scalable PCR testing solution that provides higher analytical sensitivity and specificity, and offers a wider coverage of commensal and pathogenic microbes.

Custom Infectious Disease and Antibiotic Resistance Testing Solutions

Unique panels for specialized studies, changes in seasonality, or targets not commonly available, or antibiotic resistance assays. Our custom panel offering allows you to select content optimized to your specific testing use cases.

Urinary Tract Infection Testing Solutions

Our real-time PCR solution helps enable rapid detection in under five hours and accurately detects a wider range of microbiota in a scalable, low-cost per sample format that labs can easily implement.

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Testing laboratories are under constant pressure to stay compliant with standards while expanding the number of molecular tests offered. When adopting a new testing method such as our infectious disease research solutions, we can assist in validating the workflow to help ensure a successful launch.

Our analytical validation (AV) consulting services can speed up the launch process by up to 75% and cut costs by up to half.  Our experienced team will consult with you to develop and optimize your validation workflow, while providing data analysis support and template documentation to fully maximize your instrument and reagent investment.

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