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Empowering you with the innovative technologies you need is our passion—we know that the scientific advances you make literally help build healthier families. From carrier screening to preimplantation genetic testing and prenatal and postnatal applications, our comprehensive portfolio of reproductive health solutions can help you achieve your goals and positively impact families around the world. We strive to be your trusted partner on this inspiring journey toward better reproductive health.

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Figure 1. The reproductive health cycle. This can be viewed as a cycle because postnatal results and decisions can incluence pre-conception decisions.

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A microarray-based tool for the detection of sequence and structural variation for preconception or expanded carrier screening across a wide range of ethnicities.

Microarrays are an ideal platform for copy number variation (CNV) analysis and molecular cytogenetic research.

Solutions that enable rapid and affordable detection of aneuploidies across all 24 chromosomes (22 autosomes and the X and Y chromosomes).

Chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) successfully detects submicroscopic CNVs.


Come visit us at these conferences:

2019 Event Date Satellite events Booth Location Poster
ACMG April 2—5 Product theater   User group meeting 429 Seattle, WA, USA Posters: 1. Exon-Level Detection of Human Copy Number Variation Using High Density DNA Oligonucleotide Arrays. Poster #: 775. 2. Characterization of Exon Level Genomic Copy Number Changes in 1855 Normal Individuals. Poster #: 737.
PGDIS April 15—18 Preconference workshop 6 Geneva, Switzerland To be updated
ASPIRE May 2—5 Preconference workshop TBD Hong Kong, China To be updated
ESHG June 15—18 Lunch seminars TBD Gothenburg, Sweden To be updated
ESHRE June 23—26 Product theaters TBD Vienna, Austria To be updated
ASRM Oct 12—16 TBD TBD Philadelphia, PA, USA To be updated
ASHG Oct 15—19 Lunch seminar TBD Houston, TX, USA To be updated


  • Clinical utility of exome sequencing in individuals with large homozygous regions detected by chromosomal microarray analysis. View 
  • Copy number variation and neural pathway analysis of children with autism spectrum disorder from a large Han Chinese population-based cross-sectional study. View 
  • Density matters: comparison of array platforms for detection of copy-number variation and copy-neutral abnormalities. View 
  • A feasible diagnostic approach for the translocation carrier from the indication of products of conception.View 
  • Application of chromosomal microarray to investigate genetic causes of isolated fetal growth restriction.View 
  • Multiple long runs of homozygosity detected by SNP array: offspring of consanguineous parents and his siblings.View 
  • ValidaPon of Next-GeneraPon Sequencer for 24-ChromosomeAneuploidy Screening in Human Embryos. View