Manual antimicrobial testing solutions

Choose your preferred manual antimicrobial susceptibility testing solution from our range of flexible, customizable testing options to accommodate laboratories of all sizes, including solutions to achieve true minimum inhibitory concentration results.

Manually determine antimicrobial susceptibility results using Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Disks, available in a variety of common and specialized compounds and in a range of different concentrations. Explore the range and find the right disk for your testing requirements.

Susceptibility Plates for Manual Reading
Susceptibility Plates for Manual Reading

Achieve true minimum inhibitory concentration results using an antimicrobial susceptibility testing system which offers flexible, customizable testing options to accommodate laboratories of all sizes.

A broad range of AST media that conform to international standards EUCAST and CLSI and ancillaries including broths and dyes.

Susceptibility Hardware

Improve productivity in manual antimicrobial susceptibility testing using specialist susceptibility hardware, including disk dispensers and turbidometers.

New antimicrobial resistance webinar library

Learn about antimicrobial stewardship straight from the industry experts. Watch our series of educational webinars covering advances in blood culture, susceptibility testing, sepsis, antimicrobial stewardship, and antimicrobial resistance.

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Learn about the importance of antimicrobial stewardship policies and practices and effective implementation. 

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