Discover the benefits of broth microdilution for accurate AST

Our Thermo Scientific M.I.C.Evaluators™ (M.I.C.E.™) strip range has been discontinued but we do have an alternative antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) solution for you. Join the growing community of scientists choosing the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ AST System which utilizes broth microdilution for gold standard-level MIC accuracy1 to reduce uncertainty for critical care decision makers.

With broth microdilution being the reference method2 for AST, and in many cases3 the most reliable phenotypic method to guide therapeutic decisions, Thermo Fisher Scientific is focusing on this area of AST through the development and availability of our Sensititre AST portfolio.

The Sensititre System utilizes MIC results generated through direct measurement rather than extrapolated (MIC) results, and offers flexible, customizable testing options to accommodate formularies and laboratories of all sizes conducting antimicrobial susceptibility and identification testing.

Start your broth microdilution journey with our range of manual AST equipment for processing in four easy steps.

Learn more about the Sensititre System for accurate, reliable and flexible manual and automated AST with the latest antimicrobials.

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