Manual, semi-automated, or fully automated solutions across the AST workflow

The Sensititre System for MIC plate testing supports a mix of manual, semi-, and fully-automated solutions across the AST workflow, as illustrated in the Sensititre introductory video. You can choose which techniques and instruments best fit your lab’s testing routine.


To select Oxoid AST discs for manual testing, visit the Tests and Accessories page.

Which AST instruments are right for your workflow?

All Sensititre instruments and devices share common Sensititre System features:

  • Accurate, reliable, consistent, true MIC results
  • Applicable across clinical, veterinary, and surveillance domains
  • Seamless fit into an integrated workflow
  • Access to the latest antimicrobials
  • Compatibility with Sensititre custom AST plates
  • Premiere Thermo Scientific support and service

Use our Selection Guide to find the right instruments and devices for your AST workflow.

Selection guide

Select Plate

Sensititre Standard AST Plates

Choose from our wide selection of standard plates to suit your application, including Gram positive, Gram negative, fastidious, mycobacteria, yeast, and single-drug formats.

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Sensititre Custom AST Plates

Design your own plate from our selection of over 300 antimicrobials. We offer one of the widest, most up-to-date selections of antimicrobials, available in wide dilution ranges.

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Sensititre Nephelometer

A simple solution to standardize inoculum preparation and measure inoculum density.

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Sensititre 8-Channel Programmable Pipette

Quick and accurate manual inoculation of microtiter plates, with enhanced ergonomics.

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Sensititre AIM Automated Inoculation Delivery System

Automatically doses Sensititre plates and eliminates skipped wells and costly repeat tests.

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Sensititre ARIS HiQ System

Individually incubates up to 100 Sensititre MIC, breakpoint, or identification plates, ensuring optimal growth conditions and eliminating repeat tests. Then automatically reads plates and prepares reports, improving efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

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Sensititre OptiRead Automated Fluorometric Plate Reading System

Uses fluorescence detection to automate Sensititre plate reading, delivering fast, accurate results. Directly links to Sensititre SWIN Software System to automate interpretation and reporting of results.

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Sensititre Vizion Digital MIC Viewing System

Captures and stores easy-to-read digital plate images for optimal manual reading and traceability. Connects to the Sensititre SWIN Software system for automated interpretation and reporting of results.

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Sensititre Manual Viewbox

Perform simple visual reads of your 96-well microtiter plates with our mirrored viewbox.

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Sensititre SWIN Software System, Complete

Consolidates Sensititre results from manual and automated reading options on a single platform.

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Sensititre SWIN Epidemiology Module

Provides comprehensive reporting of AST results to help monitor antibiotic resistance patterns and support antimicrobial stewardship programs.

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Regulatory status varies by product and region. Please consult individual product pages.