Easily prepare a consistent standard inoculum every time

A crucial AST requirement is to prepare an accurate microbial suspension equivalent to the 0.5 McFarland Standard. The Thermo Scientific Sensititre Nephelometer is the instrument for the preparation of microbial suspensions for inoculation into Sensititre AST plates.


The Sensititre Nephelometer makes preparing a consistent inoculum easy and quick by guiding the user to increase or decrease the concentration of emulsified test colonies until a green “in range” result is reached. This indication that the suspension is ready for addition to the chosen test broth helps minimize the risk of manual errors associated with targeting numeric values.


The Sensititre Nephelometer shares common features  with all components of the Sensititre AST System: it produces accurate, reliable, consistent results; it fits seamlessly into an integrated AST workflow including manual, semi-, and fully automated options; and customers receive the benefit of premiere Thermo Scientific support and service.

In addition, the Sensititre Nephelometer offers these additional features for inoculum preparation.

Easy-to-read LED indicator

Is fast and easy, and helps to minimize the risk of manual errors. Runs at the touch of a button.

Calibration protocol

Runs at the touch of a button.

LEDs indicate “in range” (green) vs “out of range” (red).


Nephelometer calibration

Suspension measurement


Technical characteristics

Test type: MIC

Physical characteristics

Instrument dimensions: 

19 cm (W) x 13.5 cm (D) x 9.7 cm (H)

7.5 in (W) x 5.3 in (D) x 3.8 in (H)

Weight: 1 kg; 2.2 lb


Power requirements: 100–240 V AC; 400 mA

Power consumption: 15 watts

Ordering information

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