Comprehensive AST reporting to track resistance and support stewardship

Track and monitor regional antibiotic resistance trends and compile antibiograms with the comprehensive reporting options in the SWIN Software Epidemiology Module. This module makes it easy to generate complete, real-time reports and bar graphs to support your antimicrobial stewardship program and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance patterns.


The SWIN Epidemiology Module allows users to access data quickly via detailed reporting capabilities and multiple search options. In just minutes, laboratories can create comprehensive reports of geographically distinct resistance patterns and track changes over time as part of their antimicrobial susceptibility testing and stewardship programs.

Create and generate comprehensive reports

Without manual data calculations or expensive interface customization.


Track susceptibility trends

Accurately and easily.

Customized report options

Percent Susceptible
(Routine Antibiogram/JCAHO requirement)
Cumulative MIC
Workload Report
Occurrence Report
Interpretation Report

The SWIN Epidemiology Module

Provides comprehensive reporting of AST results to help detect, monitor, and investigate local antibiotic resistance patterns.

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