Clinical Microbial Identification

Identify clinically significant organisms your way

Guide proper patient management with biochemical, immunological, automated or semi-automated microorganism identification solutions to suit your needs—the choice is yours.

Determine serotypes, detect clumping factor and distinguish different toxins using immunological testing kits that you and your laboratory can rely on. Accurately identify medically important organisms from Enterococci to Staphylococci with biochemical spot tests, identification panels and software. Reduce secondary testing, decrease unnecessary antibiotic use and guide appropriate therapy with rapid, reliable ELISA and lateral flow immunoassays. Automate your ID and antimicrobial susceptibility testing with flexible, customizable solutions.

Make microbial identification easy for you and your laboratory with accurate, simple, rapid and convenient bacterial, viral and fungal identification tests, available in one place.

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Clinical microbial identification product categories

Do more with less! Reduce identification workflow steps while improving overall laboratory performance with automated microorganism identification solutions from the experts. The Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ System is a leader in antimicrobial susceptibility and identification (AST/ ID) testing, offering flexible, customizable testing options to accommodate laboratories of all sizes. 

Accurately identify more than 400 medically important organisms in less than four hours. While traditional manual confirmatory ID panels provide results in 24 to 48 hours, Thermo Scientific™ RapID™ Systems utilize enzyme technology to reduce the time-to-result to just four hours. The simple, one-step inoculation decreases prep time, for maximum productivity

Choose from hundreds of types and strains of antisera for serological identification by slide and/or tube agglutination. 

Visualize antibodies with direct immunofluorescent tests and reagents for the detection and identification of respiratory viruses, Chlamydia, herpes and enterovirus. Have confidence with reliable, easy-to-read results, reduce steps and save valuable laboratory time.

Find your clinical identification and confirmation solution from one of the largest portfolios of latex agglutination products in the world. With a wide range of organisms and organism types, you can find solutions that test from human samples, blood culture, and colonies isolated on plated culture media.

Increase workflow efficiency with rapid, reliable ELISA / EIA and lateral flow immunoassays for enteric bacteriology, virology, parasitology, and respiratory infection identification. Choose the format to suit your laboratory workflow, whether you are looking for enzyme immunoassays for high throughput or lateral flow immunoassays for convenient out of hours testing or low testing volumes.

How do you back up your frontline identification methods?

Problems misidentifying with mass spectrometry? Learn more about the importance of infection confirmation and options for alternative methods in this short video.