Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport
Culture media for all your clinical testing needs

Maintain the highest quality standards with Thermo Scientific™ culture media. Our rigorous quality standards have made us a trusted source of culture media for laboratories around the world. So you can rest assured knowing the media that reaches your lab will provide optimal recovery and differentiation of organisms, and maximum batch-to-batch consistency for superior product performance. 

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Microbial isolation and screening product categories

Detect, presumptively identify, and screen samples for pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms with chromogenic media specifically designed for clinical applications. Colorful, easy-to-read colonies and short incubation times enable timely decision-making for clinical microbiology laboratories.

In response to the need to screen for an increasing number of multi-drug resistant organisms in hospitals and clinics, Thermo Scientific offers a range of chromogenic media for the isolation of MRSA, VRE, CRE*, ESBL, GBS*, Candida and urinary tract pathogens.

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Optimize recovery and differentiation of organisms with a full range of prepared media formulations and formats, combining ease-of-use with accurate, reproducible performance, Plated media are available in multiple formats, including monoplates, bi-plates, tri-plates and quad-plates, along with a wide range of tubed broths and agars in a variety of sizes and fill volumes, for greater testing flexibility.

Combine ease of use with accurate, reproducible performance using our vast selection of high quality base products, supplements, and special blends, including a wide range of animal-free formulations. All of our dehydrated media is tested for quality and performance before, during, and after manufacturing to ensure optimal recovery and differentiation of organisms.

Find a variety of formats and sizes of atmosphere generation systems to help you maximize incubation space and organism growth at the same time. All of our environmental solutions are designed to deliver the anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2 conditions you need for microorganisms to thrive.   

Spectra™ UTI/Sheep Blood Biplate

More information. One plate. Faster decisions for Urinary Tract Infections.

Isolate, differentiate and presumptively identify pathogenic microorganisms associated with urinary tract infections, with the Spectra™ UTI/Sheep Blood Biplate chromogenic medium.

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Simple colony identification for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Simple colony identification for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Isolate, differentiate and presumptively identify common UTI pathogens with easy-to-read chromogenic media. See how to confidently and quickly interpret results.

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Change the way you control quality

Change the way you control quality

Enable quick and safe preparation of ATCC* and NCTC for EUCAST and CLSI cultures for routine quality control testing with Thermo Scientific™ Culti-Loops™ direct-streak inoculating loops. Gel-preserved for enhanced viability and convenience.

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ATCC Licensed Derivative
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