Clinical & Translational Research

From scalable translational research solutions to proven clinical laboratory services and diagnostics, we can help accelerate your path to develop and apply differentiated clinical applications.

Orbitrap Exploris 480 MS

Study samples with extraordinary accuracy, certainty, confidence and simplicity. Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 480 Mass Spectrometer accelerates the path to impactful results.

Ion Torrent Genexus System

The Genexus Purification System and Genexus Integrated Sequencer with Genexus Software work together seamlessly, tracking sample information and results automatically.

Software and data management

Do more with our innovative software solutions. Securely acquire, analyze, process and manage your data to accelerate your scientific discoveries and streamline lab operations.

Clinical & translational research categories

Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) products help minimize the risk of contamination and variability in your cell therapy research and provide documentation required for regulatory review—making them the superior choice as you transition from the bench to the clinic.

Clinical Consumables

With the broadest range of products for clinical workflows, our sample collection, transport, and storage plasticware provide high quality and reliability to help protect your samples and your staff.


Gibco media, reagents, and supplements deliver clear, reproducible results in standard clinical cytogenetic protocols. Each medium is optimized for the analysis of amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villus samples, bone marrow cells, or peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Genetic Analysis

Accurate and affordable diagnosis and prognosis, targeted treatments, and solutions monitoring transforms the future of healthcare. Discover reliable,  easy-to-use solutions, service, and support  for clinical and translational research.

Manage Experiments

Design, create, visualize, report and manage in vivo experiments, with applications that help study owners and scientists manage animal studies from design, scheduling, subject assignment, event logging to data visualization and reporting.

Particle Technology

Rely on Thermo Fisher Scientific for proven bead solutions for calibration, immunoassays, flow cytometry, and particulate analysis for accuracy, consistent lot-to-lot reproducibility, high uniformity, and long-term stability.


Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is an important research area for the development of psychotropic, cancer, pain, and cardiovascular medications. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a variety of solutions to assist you with your PGx research.

Protein Analysis

Experience specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range for analysis of complex biological samples, including plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and oral fluid. Advance your research with key clinical research workflows.

Research Instruments and Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of instruments and equipment to enhance the clinical workflow, such as for genetic analysis, protein analysis, bioprocessing and bloodbanking, plus general clinical lab equipment.

Mass Spectrometry Solutions for Clinical Research

Develop reproducible, sensitive analytical methods for clinical translational research and sports anti-doping in the shortest possible time.

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LC-MS Medical Devices for In Vitro Diagnostic Use

For extensive assay capability or rapid transmission of data, our LC-MS/MS solutions enable you to make accurate and effective decisions for patient care.

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