Samco Liquid Handling

Safety, Quality, and Innovation - Safety First Always

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ liquid handling solutions bring you safety and innovation with the NEW Samco™ Clicktainer™ Vials. The Click Seal System allows correct cap application the first time providing excellent sample protection and user safety.  Bio-Tite specimen containers, 24-hour urine containers, operating room containers, pathology and general purpose sample containers, analyzer cups, sample cups, test tubes, disposable culture tubes, and centrifuge tubes are also available in a wide variety of standard sizes for clinical, research, and industrial laboratories.


Featured Samco liquid handling products

Samco™ Bio-Tite™ Midstream Specimen Containers

Samco™ 13 × 100mm Disposable Culture Tubes

Samco™ SW-3000 24-hour Urine Collection Containers

An all plastic cap and vial transport systems for the collection of urine, formalin or fixative fills for histology applications.  Popular sizes include 20mL/35mm, 40mL/48mm, 60mL/48mm,90mL/48mm, 90mL/53mm, and 120mL/53mm.

Precision molded and manufactured from premium grade materials, the plastic tubes are chemical-free and biologically inert.

Geared at alleviating mess and exposure, the  amber tinted containers are inert tor normal preservatives. 

These cups are the perfect choice for autosamplers, serum dilutions, microsampling, and other laboratory applications. 

These fine tip pipettes are designed to easily grip with latex gloves, yielding repeatable results that give you the confidence you need. 

Made of virgin polypropylene, these containers resist cracking and splitting and are inert to most chemicals, including formaldehyde. 


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