Clinical Research Instruments and Equipment

Clinical research solutions

We offer a wide variety of instruments and equipment to enhance the clinical workflow, including instruments for specific applications such as genetic analysis, protein analysis and bioprocessing, as well as general clinical lab equipment.

Streamline your workflows with a variety of sophisticated separation solutions to improve your application and workflow performance.

Solutions you can trust to meet the challenges of clinical research and help you translate your research to future relevant clinical applications

Reliable and affordable sequencing, real-time PCR, digital PCR, and end point PCR platforms.


Protect valuable samples while optimizing cell growth with these clinical incubators, certified for in vitro fertilization and also ideal for other clinical applications.

Perfect your cell culture processes at every stage - from research and process development to large-scale biomanufacturing

Certified clean, low particulate rigid containers for final fill/storage in biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

Pharmacy, blood bank and general purpose refrigerators to protect samples in the clinical laboratory.

Enzyme, plasma and general purpose freezers designed for the demanding standards of the laboratory and clinical environment.

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Thermo Scientific CO2 Incubators

Please note that these products are for research use only. To view our selection of in vitro diagnostic certified instruments, please visit our Diagnostic Testing Instruments and Automation page.