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Translational research is accelerating the conversion of basic scientific knowledge into tests, treatments, and practices that improve human health. It spans a vast range of fields, from biomarker discovery to bioethics and from clinical research to community outreach. Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to advancing translational research, supplying the highest-performance solutions for everything from sample handling to genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and lipidomic research. Along with our innovative solutions to difficult research challenges, we partner with key thought leaders to bring you the most current approaches and thinking in this field.

Translational research information features

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Translation Research Workflow Development using Mass Spectrometry

Translational research workflows from discovery of new biomarkers through to routine applications of targeted workflows are discussed at the Thermo Fisher Scientific BRIMS Center. 

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Biomarkers Research Initiatives in Mass Spectrometry (BRIMS) Center

The BRIMS Center facilitates translational research by providing applications assistance in biomarker discovery and verification. Learn how it is advancing mass spectrometry (MS)-based workflows to bridge the gap between early-stage discovery and next-stage, routine verification and validation of biomarkers.

Translational research subtopics

Proteomics Research

Translational proteomics most frequently involves the discovery of potential clinically relevant protein biomarkers and moving as quickly as possible from positive identification to verification and validation of the protein(s) as markers.

Metabolomics and Lipidomics Research

Metabolites and lipids offer an additional avenue of investigation for scientists pursuing translational research. These small molecules provide relatively direct insight into a cell, tissue, organ, or organism through their response to changes in its physiological or pathological state.