Bone marrow aspirates provides unique and valuable research data, but cell numbers can be very low.  For such critical samples you need a quality medium that you can trust. MarrowMAX™ medium arrives in your lab complete and ready to use, fully supplemented with serum, a novel human stromal conditioned medium, antibiotics, and L-glutamine.  By eliminating the preparation steps and supplementation required with other bone marrow media, you save time, labor, money, and reduce the risk of contamination.

Product Information

MarrowMAX™ medium far outperforms commercially available formulations supplemented with giant cell tumor (GCT) conditioned media (Figure 1), providing consistent lot-to-lot performance (Figure 2) with a higher mitotic index and superior chromosome morphology.

 Figure 1 - Superior performance of MarrowMAX™ medium.  Cells were cultured in: basal medium without conditioned medium; MarrowMAX™ medium; supplier medium (GCT-CM 1); and supplier 2 medium (GCT-CM 2) (both supplier 1 and supplier 2 media contain GCT-conditioned medium).  Mitotic cells were assayed 24 hrs after plating.

 Figure 2 - Consistency of MarrowMAX™ medium.  Normal bone marrow mononuclear cells were seeded at 1x106 cells/ml in 4 different lots of MarrowMAX™ medium.  BrdU updake was measured by absorbance at 405 nm.  Results are mean ± SEM for n = 10.

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