Simplifying hematological malignancy sample profiling

Hematological malignancies are known to have a multitude of aberrations across the genome, including fusion genes, somatic mutations such as single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and insertions/deletions (indels), and copy number variations (CNVs) such as duplications, deletions, loss of heterozygosity (LOH), copy neutral LOH (cnLOH), ploidy, and more. Yet no one technology can efficiently assess all of these aberration types, making the profiling of hematological malignancy samples time and labor intensive.

Streamline your comprehensive hematological cancer sample profiling. Our proven next-generation sequencing (NGS) (Oncomine Myeloid Research Assay) and microarray (CytoScan HD Suite) technologies, together with combined reporting through Oncomine Reporter, offer:

  • More comprehensive profiling so important aberrations are not missed
  • Cost-effective, efficient solution for faster results at a lower cost
  • Streamlined analysis with a single, integrated report for both microarray and NGS results
Delivering faster answers through the power of just two platforms

Go from sample to answer in under three days using CytoScan HD Suite and Oncomine Myeloid Research Assay in parallel. When used together, these proven technologies enable comprehensive, cost-effective analysis for hematological malignancy samples, with results in a single report.

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While the detection of global CNVs or the screening of somatic mutations and fusion genes using a single panel are game changers for comprehensive, accurate profiling of hematological malignancy samples, some labs may not have the necessary equipment or expertise to perform such assays or may require result confirmation by an orthogonal technique. We also offer established technologies such as real-time PCR, Sanger sequencing, and fragment analysis for the detection of low-level fusion genes, somatic mutations, and CNVs in hematological cancer samples.

Hematological malignancy sample genomic profiling solutions

CytoScan HD Suite for hemato-oncology research

  • Detect whole-genome copy number gains and losses, LOH, cnLOH, mosaicism, and clonal heterogeneity with one assay
  • Better detection rate of abnormalities compared to karyotyping, FISH, SNP arrays, and array CGH
  • Identify new abnormalities

Oncomine Myeloid Research Assay

  • Analyze somatic mutations and all major fusion genes for myeloid malignancies
  • Analyze and detect even challenging genes like CEBPA and the internal tandem duplications of FLT3 (FLT3-ITDs)
  • Easily assess samples from multiple myeloid disorders in a single run

Capillary electrophoresis with SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer

  • Identify cancer specific known somatic mutations
  • Clearly identify somatic mosaicism down to 5%
  • Detect known copy number changes using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA)

TaqMan real-time and digital PCR assays

  • Accurately detect known CNVs, somatic mutations, and/or fusion genes
  • Quickly and easily verify NGS and microarray results

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.