Targeted protein quantitation with mass spectrometry plays an important role in developing therapeutic strategies, vaccine development, variant detection, virology, and disease pathogenesis.

Disease and disorders research helps us understand proteomic, metabolomic, lipidomic, or genomic profiles in the presence of the virus/disease; monitoring therapeutic influence for potential biomarkers, and monitoring critical and targeted viral and/or human plasma proteins to determine and predict the extent of infection.

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Infectious diseases, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

For research in infectious diseases, including the study of viral antigens and nucleic acids and detection of virus-specific antibodies in blood samples, liquid chromatography (LC) coupled to mass spectrometry (MS) technology can achieve and deliver outstanding confidence in results. Mass spectrometry (MS) provides insights into viral behavior by studying intact viral particles as well as their surfaces and binding characteristics, protein compositions, and their impacts on the biochemical pathways of host cells upon infection.

Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)

LC-MS facilitates prompt identification and treatment for newborn genetic and metabolic disorder screenings.

Cancer identification

Accuracy and identification of biomarkers are pivotal to diagnosing and treating cancer. LC-MS provides flexibility in cancer research and allows for in vivo identification of tissue in clinical settings.

Breath biopsy for early disease detection

In collaboration with Owlstone Medical, the development of a non-invasive Breath Biopsy approach for disease detection is underway to enable early disease detection through discovery of novel biomarkers using Thermo Scientific TD-GC-Orbitrap mass spectrometry technology. Compared to genomics and other -omics approaches, studying breath VOCs, so-called 'breathomics,' reveals the current health status of cells, tissues, and the microbiome.

Breath Biopsy for non-invasive disease detection - Billy Boyle, of Owlstone Medical


Additional research on important diseases

In orphan disease, diabetes, tuberculosis (TB), and Zika, LC-MS is playing a pivotal role in focusing on expression of critical proteomes responding to infection, monitoring proteoform distribution by comparison, and identifying critical peptides that are unique to infected individuals.

Customer review — Mass spectrometry in the hands of surgeons

Livia S. Eberlin, Ph.D.
" Orbitrap Exploris series mass spectrometers provide high resolution and mass accuracy as well as consistent reproducibility and operational simplicity with a compact footprint.

This enables easier integration into clinical settings that otherwise would not be able to house a mass spectrometer, such as an operating room, making it an ideal mass spectrometer to pair with the MasSpec Pen."

— Livia S. Eberlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, MS Pen Technologies

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