Particle Technology

Rely on Thermo Scientific™ bead solutions for calibration, immunoassays, flow cytometry, and particulate analysis. Our commitment to the world's leading clinical diagnostic labs, pharmaceutical firms, universities, and research institutions is built on a foundation of unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing beads that deliver superior accuracy, consistent lot-to-lot reproducibility, high uniformity, and long-term stability.

Whether your application is lateral flow, slide agglutination tests and turbidimetric assay development, or particle characterization, cell sorting and counting, food/agriculture, industrial, and more, please contact our Particle Technology staff to discuss your specific needs.

Particle technology product categories

Develop high-quality, highly sensitive Point of Care diagnostic assays with Thermo Scientific™  Color-Rich™ dyed beads. Our internal dyeing methods provide exceptional color saturation, prevent dye leaching in aqueous media, leave the surface free for covalent coupling, and enable maximum immunological reactivity.

Validate the results of particle counters with Thermo Scientific™ Count Controls to make sure they are measuring particulate matter with utmost accuracy. This is critical wherever air, surface, or liquid contamination is a concern and requires diligent monitoring.

Ensure optimal flow cytometer instrument performance by using Thermo Scientific™ Flow Cytometry beads for calibration, alignment, counting, and instrument set-up to ensure flow and optical stability and for developing assays used for the simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 24 different analytes within a sample.

Develop highly sensitive and accurate lateral flow assays and tests with Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max™ fluorescent beads. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, these beads are internally dyed to ensure maximum color brilliance, visibility, and color saturation, prevent leaching for optimum stability, and provide a dye-free surface for coupling.

Rely upon Thermo Scientific™ NIST Traceable Size Standards as a third party reference to calibrate and check performance when particle sizing instruments are used for solving real-world analytical problems.

Achieve precise performance and accurate results in specialized research and industrial applications with Thermo Scientific™ beads for optimizing assays, for analyzing particulate materials of various sizes, and for testing smoke detectors and filtration media.