A variety of PGx solutions for your individual needs

Pharmacogenomic research helps us to understand why individuals respond differently to medicines. This field of science and genomics allows us to develop effective, safe medications and doses tailored to an individual’s genetic makeup. It also has the potential to predict an individual’s response to a drug, allowing us to select medications over others.

In 2018, over 100 drugs discuss pharmacogenetics on their FDA labels, with well over 20,0000 publications referencing this important area of science.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a variety of pharmacogenetic solutions depending on your laboratory needs.

Select the pharmacogenomic solution that suits your needs:

I want a flexible, scalable, qualified solution for routine testing and more.

Routine testing and preemptive analysis using actionable markers

See Real-time PCR solution for pharmacogenomics

I want to discover new biomarkers and variants.

New biomarker and variant discovery

See Ion AmpliSeq PGx solution

I want the maximum amount of data available from my sample.

Research and development, preemptive analysis of all known markers

See Pharmacoscan microarray solution

Which solution is right for me?


Real-time PCR solution for pharmacogenomics

Ion AmpliSeq PGx solution

Pharmacoscan microarray solution


Real-time PCR with TaqMan Assays

Next-generation sequencing with Ion AmpliSeq technology

Microarray with Axiom assays

Number of targets

Up to 120

Over 120

4,627 markers in 1,191 genes

Turnaround time

~ 8 hours

~ 36 hours

~ 5 days

Other features

  • Low-cost per sample
  • Scalable, from single gene to panel screening
  • Qualified solution with over 7 million samples tested to date, launched in 2012


  • Complete, integrated solution from sample to results with optimized protocols
  • Variant discovery and broad panel screening
  • Robust assays


  • Cost-effective, reproducible, and scalable solution for translational researchers
  • Developed in collaboration with experts from CPIC, PharmaADME, and PharmGKB


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White paper
PGx application note

Bruce Quinn and Associates, February 2018

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Bringing PGx Testing into the Laboratory: Important Considerations

Doug Rains, PGx Consultant.


PGx white paper overview

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