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Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is an exciting and powerful emerging field that promises to improve health care outcomes like never before. PGx provides meaningful data that can help prevent adverse drug reactions, deliver beneficial treatments faster, and lower medical costs. When you partner with us, you gain access to a wide range of PGx solutions and the vast expertise we’ve acquired from a decade of driving advancements in PGx.

Not sure where to begin? We can help you identify your testing requirements and make it easy for you to pick the right technology based on whether you need genotyping, copy number variation (CNV), and/or human leukocyte antigen (HLA) analysis.

Have content questions? We have carefully curated fixed content or flexible custom options, which will also guide your technology selection. We’re also here to help establish your workflow so that whether you’re testing for one target or 4,000, your lab is set up for success from the beginning. Rest assured that we continue to invest in developing innovative technologies that draw from our global network of specialists to make PGx accessible and affordable.


Get to know our products using the selection guide below or by contacting our team

Real-time PCR 

A flexible, scalable, and qualified solution for routine testing and more. Real-time PCR is optimal for routine testing and preemptive analysis using actionable markers.

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Next-generation sequencing

High-performance variant discovery and annotated biomarker analysis using our targeted Ion AmpliSeq PGx Community Panel.

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With the maximum amount of data available from samples, the Applied Biosystems PharmacoScan and PharmacoFocus microarray solutions are best positioned for research and development and preemptive analysis of all known markers.

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Which solution is right for me?



Real-time PCR Next-generation sequencingMicroarray


TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays including OpenArray format

Ion AmpliSeq technology

PharmacoScan and PharmacoFocus Solutions


Genotyping, CNV*

Genotyping, CNV

Genotyping, CNV, HLA

Number of targets

Up to 120 targets

>130 targets in 40 genes

PharmacoScan: ~4,500 targets in ~1,000 genes
PharmacoFocus: ~2,000 targets in 150 genes

Time to result

2 days

2 days

~3 days

Other features

  • Low-cost per sample
  • Fast time to result
  • Scalable, from single gene to panel screening
  • Qualified solution with over 7 million samples tested to date, launched in 2012
  • Optimized targeted sequencing with powerful Ion AmpliSeq technology
  • Analysis of annotated variants
  • New variant discovery
  • Maximun data available
  • Cost-effective, reproducible, and scalable solution for translational researchers
  • Offers genotyping, CNV, and HLA in a single workflow
  • Integrated star alleles with metabolizer status

*Application supported via separate workflow

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