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Our immuno breakable modules, standard modules and plates are available with PolySorp™, Medisorp™, MaxiSorp™ and MultiSorp™ Surfaces. They will help you in the selection of passive surfaces for the immobilization of biomolecules.

Popular passive adsorption colormetric assays

Passive adsorption, surface-coated modules for colorimetric assays

Use our clear immuno breakable modules, available in PolySorp™, Medisorp™, MaxiSorp™, and MultiSorp™ coatings, to immobilize biomolecules for colorimetric assays.

Perform applications with well-to-well reproducibility. Immuno Clear Standard Modules are manufactured to fit standard equipment.

Perform quantitative and qualitative solid phase immunoassays with these nonsterile clear immuno plates, available in a variety of binding surfaces.

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Simply select your criteria from the available options; the guide will return all plates that match your selections.

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