eIFUs: IFUs for B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarker Products Available Online

We have started to provide the instructions for use (IFU) of our products

in an electronic format (eIFU). Starting from April 1st 2020, you will find

our IFUs on the webpage.


Download an IFU

Finding and downloading an IFU as a PDF file on that webpage is very easy and just requires

the reference and lot number of the product you ordered from us:


  1. Please check your country/region in the upper right-hand corner of the website and correct it if necessary. 
  2. Enter the product reference number REF and LOT number and click 'SEARCH' in order to download the required manufacturer information. Kindly note: For the LOT number, the first six digits are required. These six digits include any number and signs such as / _–+.


If you prefer to receive a paper copy, a freephone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (please see info below).

For questions around the downloading process, a ticket can be raised by contacting info@e-labeling.eu.

Do you have questions? Please get in contact with our Customer Service by phone

+49 (0) 3302883 300 or send an email to service.brahms@thermofisher.com.

eIFU phone service numbers

The following regions are covered by this free telephone number
+800 13579 135

  • EUROPE: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria,

             Sweden, Latvia, UK, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Estonia, Ireland,

            Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Cyprus

  • OUTSIDE EUROPE: Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, New Zealand

In the following regions, it may not be possible to activate an international free telephone number and national numbers have to be used:

  • Brazil: 0800 591 1055 and +800 135 79 135
  • Lithuania: 8800 30728
  • Canada: +1 855 805 8539
  • Romania: 0800 895 084
  • Croatia: 0800 804 804
  • Slovakia: 0800 606 287
  • Estonia: 0800 010 0567
  • Turkey: 00800 142 064 866
  • Greece: 00800 161 2205 7799
  • USA: +1 855 236 0910
  • Iceland: 800 8996

In the following two regions, free telephone numbers don’t exist and can be accessed by the following pay numbers:

  • Liechtenstein: +31 20 796 5692
  • Malta: +31 20 796 5693

There is one general pay number that can be used to access E-Labeling Services from any other region not mentioned above:+31 20 7947071


Thermo Fisher Scientific products are distributed globally and their uses, applications, indications, claims and availability of products in each country depend on local regulatory marketing authorization status, please consult the Instructions For Use (IFU) available in your country.


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