Clinical Chemistry, Drug, and Toxicology Testing

Clinical chemistry, drug, and toxicology testing product categories

Rely on our time-tested reagents, calibrators and controls for your general clinical chemistry testing.

Rely on our drugs of abuse testing (DAT) products as a complete solution for your testing program, including sample collection devices, an expansive test menu, compact bench-top clinical analyzers, and data management options. 

Drug screening laboratories around the world test with confidence using Thermo Scientific™ specimen validity assays, calibrators, and controls to ensure that the donor’s urine sample has not been adulterated.

Easily detect the presence of drug toxicity and determine the concentration in serum from patients suspected of drug overdose.

Thermo Scientific™ therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) tests aid physicians in determining the optimal drug dosage for patients by monitoring serum or plasma drug concentrations to ensure effectiveness and patient compliance.

ISD assays are crucial for monitoring immunosuppressant drug levels in transplant patients to prevent organ rejection. We offer a full line of ISD assays, including Cyclosporine, Mycophenolic Acid, Tacrolimus, and our exclusive Everolimus, to aid in patient monitoring. 

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