Helping drug courts simplify and increase the success of their programs

Drug abuse can tear apart a life, a family, and a community. Those in the drug courts know this, which is why they care deeply about helping drug addicts and abusers rehabilitate so they can get their lives back on track.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we understand that successful recovery is rooted in consistent testing and monitoring. Providing drug court professionals with testing solutions and resources needed to do their job with confidence and a strong sense of accomplishment is something we take very seriously. By working together, we can make a positive difference in someone’s life, and that’s the result that really matters. Consult with our experts today to optimize the success of your testing program.

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Drug testing solutions that make a difference

Testing with confidence

Comprehensive and customized drug testing process - screening and confirmation results in one site that integrates flexible randomized testing with electronic reporting and participant tracking into your case management system.

Accurate and timely results matter when trying to turn someone's life around. That's why many drug courts are relying more on automated on-site instrument solutions over point-of-contact tests in order to:

  • Get faster, more reliable results
  • Streamline processes to reduce manual errors
  • Customize drug test menus for greater effectiveness
Investing where it matters

Investing where it matters

Tight budgets and limited resources can threaten the success of a drug rehabilitation program. Reducing extra costs while keeping abusers on the right track is an ongoing challenge often solved by getting it right from the start. We work within your budget to provide solutions tailored to maximize the effectiveness of your program.

Operating with ease

Cumbersome technology and long wait times for results have a direct impact on participants’ success. Our fully automated solution provides a simpler, quicker way to get accurate results on-site and in minutes, making it easier to focus on what really matters—the participant. Our support team helps you get up and running quickly and technical service is available to assist with post-installation questions. Visit our Automated Drug Testing education page to learn more.

Get reliable results fast with the Thermo Scientific™ Indiko™ Plus Chemistry Analyzer

Results in minutes

Simplify and accelerate drug screening with the fully-automated, affordable bench-top Thermo Scientific™ Indiko™ and Indiko™ Plus systems. These are capable of running over 30 drug tests and providing reliable results in minutes.

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Wide range of tests

Customize the drug testing menu to a participant’s history to help prevent savvy addicts from beating the system. With an extensive menu of drugs of abuse tests available, participant progress can be monitored with confidence.

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Increased productivity

Our web-based software enables you to integrate testing results into Drug Court case management systems, run drug testing programs from remote locations, manage scheduling, select tests at random, and provide chain-of-custody documentation to ensure sample integrity.