Immunosuppressant Drug Monitoring

Monitor organ transplant patients with confidence

Immunosuppressant drug monitoring (ISD) assays are crucial for monitoring immunosuppressant drug levels in transplant patients to prevent organ rejection. We offer a full line of ISD assays, including cyclosporine, mycophenolic acid, tacrolimus, and our exclusive everolimus, to aid in patient monitoring.

These immunoassays, referenced to LC-MS/MS or HPLC/MS—the gold standards—are precise, sensitive, and specific. Applications are available on our Thermo Scientific Indiko™ and Indiko™ Plus clinical and specialty chemistry analyzers, complete with convenient bar-coded reagents as well as a wide variety of other laboratory instrumentation.

Precision in anti-rejection monitoring

Methodist Dallas Medical Center performs hundreds of liver and kidney transplants per year. With such volume, the medical center must be hyper-vigilant about lab result quality and efficiency.

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