Monitoring at the most critical moments

Methodist Dallas Medical Center sees thousands of patients, and its liver and kidney transplant program is one of the largest in the southwestern U.S., performing hundreds of transplants yearly. With such volume, Methodist Dallas must be hyper-vigilant about lab result quality and efficiency.

As the pathology technical coordinator for Methodist Dallas, Du Chau plays a critical role in ensuring quality therapeutic drug monitoring. According to Chau, the ability to perform cost-effective in-house monitoring for transplant recipients—and do so rapidly—is critical to quality patient outcomes, something he takes very seriously. This is what makes test kits such as the Thermo Scientific™ QMS™ Everolimus and QMS™ Amikacin so important—faster turnaround time and high-quality results ensure healthier outcomes for patients.

"Any innovative technology that we can bring in house and that helps us with turnaround time, to improve not only the quantity but the quality of our testing, is so important for our patients," said Chau. "That’s why we’re here, to help our patients."