Snappies Containers

Snappies all-in-one breast milk container system designed for purpose

Snappies breast milk containers were designed with input from lactation consultants to support the nutritional requirements of premature infants in their critical, early months. The containers range in volume from 11 mL to 2.3 oz., to scale with mother’s milk production, and feature a unique flip-top design that enables collection, storage and feeding all from the same bottle. Since introduction in the early 2000’s, Snappies have been embraced by mothers and lactation consultants alike and are used in hospitals and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) across the country.

Save time with increased confidence breast milk is secure and safe

Save time

Eliminate time for transfers

• Collect, store and feed from a single container

Reduce prep time
• Easy to open and close with one hand
• Compatible with most standard size bottle and pump rings


Keep breast milk secure

Minimize loss from leaks and spills
• Proprietary triple seal design provides airtight, leak-resistant seal
• Snap seal provides audible and tactile confirmation of secure closure

Reduce contamination and mixups
• Attached flip top cap
• Built in label section

Maximize the benefits

Baby safety

• Made from food grade polypropylene -  free of BPA, PVC, DHP and latex

Nutritional Information 
• Polypropylene resin will not bind or hold fat during storage
• Nutritional and immunologic properties of breast milk are preserved better in hard plastic than in polyethylene bags1

1. Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) Best Practices 2011

Key features of Snappies Containers

View the details of Snappies and its easy to use flip-top container. It is air-tight and leak-resistant for maximum shelf life during storage. 

Leak-resistant closure
Patented triple-seal design prevents liquids from entering or exiting container

Hinged, flip-top lid locks back out of the way while in use  and closes with audible "snap" to indicate airtight, leak-resistant seal

Easy identification
Record mother's name, date and collection time built in label section to minimize any potential identification problems

Dual graduations
Accurate, easy-to-read graduations in both oz and mL

Large molded footing keeps Snappies stable while in use or stored on refrigerator shelf
Snappies diagram

A variety of volumes for a variety of applications

Colostrum Container

1 oz Container

2.3 oz Container

Snappies Colostrum

Snappies 1 oz container
Snappies 2.3 oz container
• Collection of colostrum in the early days of milk production•  Ideal for colostrum collection as milk supply begins to increase• Designed for when Mother’s milk supply is fuller and baby’s nutritional needs have increased 
• 11 mL volume minimizes loss of ‘precious gold’• Can attach directly to a breast pump or be used for hand expression• Compatible with standard size bottle and pump rings
• Designed for hand expression• Maximizes freezer and storage space 
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