Cutting edge solutions for improved patient outcomes

We are committed to improving the quality of life of transplant patients and their families by developing and producing innovative, high quality HLA products for the clinical and research segments of the transplant community.

Antibody Monitoring Solutions

Antibody Monitoring Solutions

One Lambda's offers a collection of integrated solutions to help you identify antibodies that may cause graft rejection. Our selection of assays varies in format, sensitivity and specificity. All products are designed for ease of use, lab efficiency and optimized automation.


    Designed to address the diverse needs of HLA labs, our molecular typing product family includes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), sequence-based typing (SBT), Real-Time PCR, sequencespecif ic primers (SSP), and reverse sequence-specif ic oligonucleotide (rSSO) reagents and accessories.

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    Our comprehensive line of serological typing products includes Terasaki T1, T2, and T3 NIH method typing trays as w ell as locus specif ic, ethnic, supplemental and dry trays.


    One Lambda's complete line of instrumentation and sof tw are solutions are designed to simplify assay w orkf low s and increase testing ef f iciency in the HLA laboratory.


    Transplant-Related Biomarker Profiling

    Products specifically developed to perform transplant-related biomarker profiling.