Convenient, accurate nucleic acid separation

  • Great time saver, no hassle system
  • High QC standards and reproducibility
  • Reduced staff training, with no buffer preparation, pouring, and disposal issues
  • No Ethidium bromide exposure
  • E-Editor™ 2.0 software provides results in an easy format to interpret and document
E-Gel®  are bufferless, pre-cast agarose gels designed for fast,
high-throughput DNA electrophoresis.

The E-Editor 2.0 software effectively reconfigures you E-Gel images.

E-Gel® frees up space, routine work time, disposal concerns, and increases safety.

Ordering Information

Sku Product Catalog Size Price
A10570E-Gel® 96 (2% agarose Ethidium Bromide)
8 pack
A10571E-Gel® 48 (2% agarose Ethidium Bromide)
8 pack
A10572Mother Base1  
A10573Daughter Base1  
A10572UK Mother Base UK plugs1  
A10572EU Mother Base EU plugs1